Twitter Goes Full Climate Cult, Will Direct People To “Credible, Authoritative” Information

They say they won’t block what they deem “misinformation” at the moment. That’s certainly next

Twitter will promote credible information with new climate change topic after criticism over misinformation

Twitter is adding a topic that directs users to credible information about climate change in a new effort to combat the spread of misinformation, USA TODAY has learned.

If users follow the topic, they will see posts from global environmental and sustainability organizations, environmental activists, environmental researchers and environmental institutions in their feeds even if they don’t follow those accounts.

Seán Boyle, Twitter’s head of sustainability, said the company is boosting authoritative information to “keep pace with the urgency of the climate crisis.”

The new feature comes one week after a USA TODAY report found that hundreds of thousands of posts denying climate change can be on social media platforms, many of them on Twitter.

Twitter has no policy to label or take down climate change misinformation. The company says introducing the climate change topic is one step it’s taking as it works on how to most effectively address climate change misinformation on its platform.

Almost no one denies climate change. They have different views on causation. But, that ClimaWrongthink is not allowed. Letting people express their opinions is not allowed if they’re not the Official GroupThink emanating from the Cult.

“Step in the right direction, for sure, but the proof is in the pudding,” said Michael Mann, director of Penn State University’s Earth System Science Center and author of “The New Climate War.” “Let’s see how it plays out and how it works in practice.”

You can bet that the next step is cutting tweets that do not fit into the approved list, and Michael “Robust Debate” Mann will cheer that censorship.

Advance Democracy, a research organization that studies disinformation and extremism, found that warning labels or links to credible information are frequently missing from social media posts that deny the existence of climate change, dispute its causes or underplay its effects.

But, that’s not what social media like Twitter is about. If people want to know, they can research. And Advance Democracy is about as left as you can get in a group.

“We recognize more can be done on services like Twitter to elevate credible climate information, including on how we can mitigate climate crisis harms,” Twitter told USA TODAY last week. “Our teams are thinking about ways we can best serve the global climate crisis conversation happening on the service, including through tools that surface and make reliable information and resources more readily available.”

The best way to serve is by letting people converse, not giving them just one viewpoint. Seriously, the article, and several in the links above, have issues with people wondering about the Texas deep freeze. Because cold is what you get from heat trapping gases, right? Yes, yes, we’ve all seen the cult making up Reasons, spare me. This is all part of “the discussion is over”. Perhaps people will realize they’ve been duped when their cost of living skyrockets, their taxes go way up, and they lose their freedom and choice.

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