Next Great Liberal Idea: Police Needing Supervisor Approval To Chase Perps On Foot

Just another measure to handcuff the police from going after criminals

Chicago Police May Soon Need Supervisor Permission to Chase Suspects on Foot

unintended consequences“No one should die as the result of a foot chase,” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) said on Tuesday while announcing her consideration of a new policy requiring officers to obtain permission from supervisors before pursuing a suspect on foot.

FOX 32 reported:

Rewriting police policy on all foot chases has now become a hot topic at City Hall. Alderman Brian Hopkins says an official in the mayor’s office told him officers could soon be required prior to a foot chase to do what is now required before a vehicle chase: getting permission from higher ups.

“Of course that raises obvious problems,” Hopkins said. “In the time it would take to do that, the person you’re supposed to be chasing is actually long gone. The point would be moot then.”

Chicago Alderman Brian Hopkins and Lightfoot both acknowledged that such a policy change would incentivize suspected criminals to flee law enforcement on foot.

The New York Post noted, “Hopkins acknowledged the most obvious criticism that such a policy would likely attract: that a suspect on foot could be long gone in the time it would take an officer to get the required approval.”

Hopkins said, “We’re seeing more vehicles flee from police officers because word has gotten out that they’re probably not going to get permission to chase you,” he said.

That last refers to the Chicago policy requiring supervisor permission for a vehicle chase, which is never given, and, now, rarely asked for. If they do the same for foot chases, officers won’t bother asking for permission, because, first, they’ll most likely not get it, and second, by the time they ask and get an answer the criminal is already gone. Criminals will love this policy. And crime will climb even higher in the already high crime city of Chicago, which is actually not as bad as you think, because property crime isn’t as bad as you would think. Portland, Oregon, is actually worse. Expect Chicago to see a huge spike in property crime from this policy change.

Lightfoot’s announcement came days after the release of video capturing the police killing of 13-year-old Adam Toledo on March 29. Toledo was shot and killed by a Chicago police officer following a foot pursuit.

Yes, it was apparently bad to be chasing Adam when he’s out at 230am on a Monday morning, hanging with a 21 year old who’s a known associate of the Latin Kings, shooting off guns, then running.

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One Response to “Next Great Liberal Idea: Police Needing Supervisor Approval To Chase Perps On Foot”

  1. Est1950 says:

    I have to say that the police are out of control in many cases.

    I had a friend a long time ago who became a police officer and we were talking and he said to me and I quote. “I am the LAW.” unquote.

    We have a woman who watches hundreds of body cam footage of police chases and police encounters over and over and her assessment is that the police have this incessant need to end the confrontation as quickly as possible.

    It is okay for them to put 50 bullets into the car of a perp but not okay for them to shoot out the tires of a car that is standing still so the perp cannot get away. Policy says that doing so is dangerous to the public whereas firing 50 bullets at one guy waving a gun is perfectly justified.

    The police tend to weight on the side of brute force rather than to weight the rights of individual citizens.

    An example of this is a woman walking in a neighborhood who stopped at a house to ask for help. The people refused because she was talking crazy but they did call 911 who then dispatched a couple cops who then confronted this woman. It started out with the police wanting to help. Truly they wanted to help this young woman with two very young children walking the streets of a rural neighborhood.

    But the woman was crazed and so to make a long story short it was much easier to shoot the woman in the back who was chasing a cop with a knife then it was to pepper spray her and for two huge cops to disarm her and find out why the hell she was in such a crazed state.

    The choice is simple. End the threat quickly regardless of the outcome.

    I have watched many police cam footage’s myself and it is certainly not just blacks. This is the biggest lie going right now. Next to their was no voter fraud in the 2020 election. I watch White Men and women, Hispanics and Asians as well as Officers in Military clothing getting mowed down, pepper sprayed, tasered and what not rather than the police take the extra time to solve the problem without escalating it to FUK YOU DUDE or DUDETTE…your going down because?

    “I AM THE LAW!!”

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