Hawaii Closer To Declaring Climate Emergency, Cultists March In NYC

The State of Hawaii is looking to Climavirtue Signal

Hawaii closer to declaring a ‘climate emergency’

A series of symbolic—but widely supported—climate resolutions, including one declaring a climate emergency, continued to move through the Legislature on Tuesday.

The latest version of Senate Concurrent Resolution 44 would declare a climate emergency and request an “emergency mobilization effort to restore a safe climate, ” among other climate-related resolutions passed by the House Committee on Energy and Environmental Protection. The resolutions already had moved over from the Senate.

“We’re facing an existential crises, a climate emergency, ” testified Ted Bohlen of Climate Protectors Hawaii.

Although SCR 44 is only a resolution without the force of law, “it’s a recognition of symbolic importance, ” Bohlen told the committee Tuesday via video. “Secondly, it provides for collaboration statewide for a transition to a cleaner environment. And these are important, even though it’s just a resolution.”

Symbolism. That’s it. Because Hawaii will darned sure not take real action, since that would require Hawaii to stop all fossil fueled ships, planes, and helicopters. Tourism is 21% of their economy, the largest sector, and 90% of the economy is comprised of the service industry. Will they restrict tourists coming? What do they do with all those power intensive convention centers and hotels and restaurants? Defense is the 2nd to tourism. Will they demand that the military leave? Hawaii imports 90% of their goods, including food. How will that work on sailing ships? But, see, Warmists really do not want to do anything that causes problems in their own lives, just those of Other People.

Environmentalists march in Union Square to prevent climate change

The doomsday clock is ticking for climate change as environmentalists start the spring season rallying in front of the digital Metronome just above 52 E 14th Street in Union Square.

On April 7, protesters marched from Union Square to Washington Square Park, demanding that President Joe Biden and other Congressional leaders take a bigger and bolder approach on a climate change infrastructure package.

There is a famous Greek proverb which states: “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.” This quote goes a long way to demonstrate the actions some will take in hopes serving the next generation, knowing they themselves will not reap the benefits. Wednesday evening’s demonstration was led by several elderly activists hoping to do just that—fight for future generations.

Aren’t these the same types of people screeching about not gathering in large groups? NY allows up to 200 outside. Why is that guy not wearing a mask? And it sure looks like people were closer than 6 feet.

While there was roaring support for Biden’s proposed American Jobs plan, protesters want a more progressive approach to fix the damages caused during the Trump administration. They are pushing for the Climate and Community Investment Act (CCIA) to be passed on a state level, as well as the Thrive Act on a federal level.

First, they just can’t move on from Trump. He broke them. What did Obama really do? Pretty much nothing. Second, of course they want more more more. Let them do stuff in their own lives.

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3 Responses to “Hawaii Closer To Declaring Climate Emergency, Cultists March In NYC”

  1. Est1950 says:

    The vanity of man. The vanity of Leftists. The vanity of Cultists is on display in Hawaii and around the world for sure.

    To think that SPENDING can change the climate is preposterous. It will take several hundred years to reorder the ecology of the planet if we stopped producing co2 and methane today.

    THAT is IF the entire world pitches in. Which of course we know China is the number one polluter on the planet and is and will continue to pollute the air and the oceans with their 200 million tons of trash per day dumped into the oceans.

    CHINA is the worlds evil. NOT CO2. NOT METHANE and here we have EVERYONE who is anyone saying China will attack Taiwan within the next 7 years and what is the military for the USA doing under Biden?

    They are redoing the military outfits to fit pregnant soldiers. They are paying for Sex change operations as if having a confused fuking pervert in the military whose sole mission is to KILL people in a war if it comes to that. The new proposed budget is only 8 billion less than Trump proposed but a huge chunk of that is GREEN NEW DEAL BULLSHIT for the military.

    Hell I propose we sell our aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines and B-2 and B-1 and B-52 bombers to CHINA and let them take care of them for us so we can spend another 500 billion every year on GREEN. At least for a few weeks. Before China takes over the USA.

    CHINA is the threat, they are in bed with IRAN and now we are fixing to give IRAN everything they want. What’s Biden gonna do when Iran Nukes or starts lobbing supersonic missiles at Israel?

    Nothing. Because the left are more afraid of the weather more than they are of being put in concentration camps. Why? Because college professors have convinced them that Communism is GOOD.

  2. Tim says:

    Same legislation provides Obama tax credits for fixing up his Hawaii beach front mansion.

  3. alanstorm says:

    While there was roaring support for Biden’s proposed American Jobs plan, protesters want a more progressive approach to fix the damages caused during the Trump administration.

    Incredible. The support idiotic legislation that will accomplish zero, while whining about damges that they can’t define.

    Stupid enough to be “intellectuals”.

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