John Kerry Takes Long Fossil Fueled Flight To Say India And U.S. Should Join In Fight Climate Crisis (scam)

In a climate cult future, if you want to travel to India to see the sights you’ll have to take a sailing ship across the ocean, then either walk, bike, or take a train where available. For the grand high poobahs, they’ll be allowed to fly with fossil fuels, because their lives and what they do is Important

‘World’s two biggest democracies should join hands on confronting climate change’: John Kerry

John Kerry climateUS Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, called on India to join hands with the US to confront the climate crisis through a clean energy transition.

“Our two nations, the world’s two biggest democracies have a great deal to gain by joining hands and global leadership to confront climate change now. We must do this,” Kerry said in his address to the South Asia Women in Energy (SAWIE) Leadership Summit.

Earlier in the day, Kerry met Union environment minister Prakash Javadekar regarding increasing climate ambition ahead of President Biden’s Leaders’ Summit on Climate to be held on April 22-23.

“Had an engaging and fruitful discussion with Mr John Kerry. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate. We discussed a range of issues including climate finance, joint research and collaboration etc,” Javadekar tweeted after the meeting.

And, yes, Kerry is actually in India. He will soon meet with PM Modi. Oh, and his visit gets sillier

Sergey Lavrov, John Kerry meet in India, discuss climate-related matters

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and US special presidential envoy John Kerry met briefly in the Indian capital on Tuesday and talked about climate-related matters.

Lavrov and Kerry are in India for separate bilateral meetings – the Russian minister met his Indian counterpart to prepare the grounds for an annual summit while the US envoy is meeting interlocutors to discuss mitigating India’s fossil energy use.

Of all the things the U.S. needs to discuss with Russia, this isn’t it. But, climate cultists gotta climate cult. Russia and India are playing Kerry and China Joe. They have little intention to do more than make token moves. But, then, most climate cultists don’t make more than token moves in their own lives.

Yellen: ‘We lost four important years’ in fight against climate change

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Tuesday said the U.S. is working closely with the international community to combat climate change, saying the country “lost four important years” under the Trump administration.

Yellen made the remarks in an address during her first meeting with the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action. She reportedly said the U.S. is committed to reaching the reduced emissions goal of 2030 set by the Obama-era Paris climate agreement.

“Climate, by its very nature, requires strong global cooperation,” Yellen said. “We lost four important years, and we recognize that many of you around the room have been leading change in your own countries.”

Or, the Believers could practice what they preach. But, that’s not what this is about. This group is super excited to get governments fully into controlling the banking systems of their nations. This is about control. How many of these people at the conference took long fossil fueled flights, rather than do it as a Zoom call? I repeat myself again and again and again on this point, but, that’s what it is.

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6 Responses to “John Kerry Takes Long Fossil Fueled Flight To Say India And U.S. Should Join In Fight Climate Crisis (scam)”

  1. Hairy says:

    Practice what you preach ?
    Teach you never enlisted after 9/11 in the war on terror
    You never took any physical action to stop the “murder” of babies
    You have spent most of your working life selling things made by communist China
    You never criticize Trump for his huge failures with covid

    • Jl says:

      What huge failures with Covid, John? Please be specific and while your at it tell not just what you think was done wrong but what should have been done instead using the information known at the time. Have fun….

    • Jl says:

      John-did I miss your response? Or are you just hiding behind your words as usual?

  2. Hairy says:

    Kerry signed a pre nuptial agreement with his very wealthy wife
    Ate you actually sure that Kerry owns those things you listed ?
    The jet I know for sure is nitvprivately owned by Kerry you can check that yourself easily by its tail feathers

    • Dana says:

      Does the esteemed Mr Kerry have pretty much unfettered access to it? If he does, what difference does it make if its owned by some shell corporation?

      The point is that, in an era where videoconferencing not only exists, but has existed for over two decades, Mr Kerry didn’t need to burn that fossil fuel to travel to India, or anywhere else, to make his pitch.

      • Professor hale says:

        They are 4 years behind on collecting kickbacks from american payments to the third world. Some things you can’t do on recording devices.

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