Who’s Up For An Easter Sermon On….Climate Change?

When a cult invades an actual religion, causing ordained ministers to yammer about other stuff before the whole point of Easter

Easter message from The Right Reverend Dr Tim Dakin, Bishop of Winchester

IT HAS been quite a year – and, of course, the great thing about Easter is the hope it brings even in our crises. Yet the crises that we’re facing really are quite something.

First, we’re aware that we’re facing an environmental crisis. Climate change is becoming critical. Many of us, I’m sure, are committed to doing something about that personally.

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Perhaps someone should explain to Rev Dakin that climate cultists are committed to forcing Other People to do something, not themselves.

As a sidebar, after his start on climate crisis scam, he then mentions economic crisis, BLM, Brexit, and COVID, before finally getting around to mentioning Jesus. Which seems more like “hey, I gotta mention Jesus if this is about Easter. Oh, well.”

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3 Responses to “Who’s Up For An Easter Sermon On….Climate Change?”

  1. Dana says:

    Our pastor is big, big, big into global warming climate change, and the virus, but no, he doesn’t put off his religious messages. He’s in his 80s and infirm, and has the responsibility for two parishes, so yeah, I will always cut him some slack.

    This morning was our first outdoor Mass of the year. We had Mass outside beginning last June, after Reichsstatthalter Andy Beshear so graciously allowed churches to open — prodded by a federal judge’s order — and kept that up, as long as it wasn’t raining, until the autumn weather just got too cold. It was just 42º F this morning, but we had been told Mass would be outside, and everybody was warmly dressed.

    We bring our own chairs for outdoor Mass, and my ‘spot’ is right up front, due to my poor hearing. It also happens to be where I catch a direct sunbeam, so that’s a bit of extra warmth.

  2. Hairy says:

    Good going there Dana
    Grab that best spot for yourself

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