House Dems May Sit On Impeachment Articles After Rushing To Pass Them

We all know this was purely a partisan exercise which has been in the works since the night Donald Trump was elected president over Hillary Clinton. Democrats just can’t deal with Trump winning, and looked for any excuse to impeach him. Heck, as Rep Mark Meadows noted during debate, and had Ilhan Oman melting down, hateful and Jew hating Rashida Tlaib said

So, after rushing

Pelosi suggests she may wait to send impeachment articles to Senate: ‘We’ll make a decision … as we go along’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said Democrats may wait to send their articles of impeachment against President Trump to the GOP-controlled Senate, for fear that they are incapable of holding a fair trial.

Pelosi held a press conference on Wednesday following the House impeachment vote and was asked what would qualify as a “fair trial.”

“We’ll make a decision as a group, as we always have, as we go along,” she replied.

Pelosi was then asked about possibly withholding the articles of impeachment from the Senate until they get certain reassurances, and the Speaker refused to give a direct answer.

“Again, we’ll decide what that dynamic is, but we hope that the resolution of that process will be soon in the Senate,” she said.

Would this be the “fair trial” Trump received in the House? Seriously, is this somehow supposed to hurt Trump and give Senate Republicans a sad? The vote was 100% along party lines, with every Republican voting against the Democrats crimeless impeachment articles, and a couple Dems voting against or “present.” But, hey, y’all go ahead and sit on the articles, Mitch McConnell isn’t backing down, and there’s zero way two-thirds of Senators vote against him. Sit on the articles and more on the fencers will realize this was all an exercise in the ultimate Trump Derangement Syndrome, and the polls will turn even further against impeachment.

Oh, and the Senate can still hold an impeachment vote even without the articles being sent over. They’re public record, McConnell could simply say “hey, we’re voting in 3 days, go ahead and read them.”

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3 Responses to “House Dems May Sit On Impeachment Articles After Rushing To Pass Them”

  1. Bunkerville says:

    Great find… yea, go ahead with out the House. Love it.

  2. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Pelosi is losing it.

    Bwaha. Lolgf

  3. Winston St. John says:

    Interesting news regarding Cenk Uygar of the Young Turks.

    It seems he loves Beastiality and thinks women are third class human beings who are genetically defective.

    Even the communist Bernie Sanders UNendorsed Cenk after his comments in the past came to light. Cenk is the same man who proclaims to be a progressive and completely on board the SJW narrative of the left. He is running for congress in a deep blue district in California.

    This appears to be what the left is pushing out there for people to vote for in the upcoming 2020 election. I find this disturbing. I never had a problem with the left or their ideas up until the progressive wing started taking over and now it appears they indeed have figuratively lost their mind.

    What is particularly troubling about this person is he is a very influential mouthpiece for the far left and given he is running in a district similar to the one AOC primaried and defeated a long-standing Neo-Liberal it is clear he selected his district carefully and will no doubt be elected to Congress because the people, like in the Bronx never bothered to learn anything about the democrat running. They just press the (D) handle and pat themselves on the back for voting.

    Some more interesting facts about Cenk.

    Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks told POLITICO that unlike some of his Current TV colleagues, he’s open to staying with Al Jazeera America. In theory, this should pose a problem for Uygur because Al Jazeera is essentially a media arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is extremely fundamentalist

    He also said he would like to take a bulldozer to Jerusalem. He was born in Turkey, moved to the USA when he was 8, describes himself as a secular Muslim turned agnostic. Yet his words continue to mouth things that are very Muslim, such as bulldozing Jerusalem and women are genetically inferior to men. Am I racist? I do not think so. I just have deep problems with someone who wants to genocide both Muslims and Jews living in a city and thinks women are genetically inferior to men.

    Americans. No matter which party. Do your research before you put people like this in office? There are better choices. If there are 3 Dems running in a blue district, do your research. Please.

    Thank you.

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