People Who Are Unhinged, Deranged, And Not Funny Tell Us Comedy Can Help Tackle The Climate Crisis (scam)

These people are not funny, not when they are talking about politics. Well, OK, they are kinda funny in the “WTF are you doing?” kind of way, like, when some says “hey, y’all, watch this”, not like Robin Williams or Richard Prior live in concert funny. Not like Eddie Murphy at the barbecue.

Comedy can help us tackle the climate crisis – here’s how

Society’s defining issues are rarely presented as raw facts and stats, and climate change is no exception. From the performance of funerals for lost species and glaciers to the claim that the best we can do is adapt to impending catastrophe, climate change is often narrated like a classic Greek tragedy. Errors in human judgement set off a chain of events that once in motion inevitably bring extreme suffering, and a powerful sense of helplessness to change what we know is coming.

In many ways, such gloomy perspectives are appropriate. Millions of people are already being displaced or killed by the human-caused destabilisation of our climate. And yet, as environmental scientists and communication specialists point out, such narratives are problematic because they tend to inspire inertia and anxiety rather than action.

Narratives of hope might go some way to changing the script and galvanising a response. But there’s an even more suitable story we can supplement our tragic narratives with: comedy.

EVERYTHING IS DOOM!!!!!! Here’s some comedy.

This proposal might seem bizarre. There is nothing funny about the prospect of environmental collapse. But while comedies are meant to be funny, they don’t have to be lighthearted or trivial.

So, not really comedy.

Many philosophical approaches to comedy hold that comic effects arise from incongruities: mismatches between what we expect and what we perceive. For French philosopher Henri Bergson, one of the central incongruities used in comedy is when organic life – normally chaotic, changeable, and adaptable – instead acts in a machine-like way. Bergson argues that laughing at this incongruity is a social tool by which we mildly scold each other for not being adaptive and flexible enough.

The article doesn’t mention one bit of “comedy” from anywhere close to the modern era

I do not recommend that we turn away from tragic and apocalyptic narratives entirely – there is much truth and value to them. But we would do well to supplement them with comic reflections on our relationship with nature and our ability to act in the face of hopelessness. Comedy is not merely a way to allow us to process news about climate change in a less anxiety-inducing way. It allows us to reflect on who we are and how we do things in the world.

Sounds like a knee slapper, eh?

More specifically, comedy can point out where there are fundamental problems in our mechanical and technocratic behaviour toward the environment. And, finally, if we begin to think of our own agency more like that of comic heroes — not in control of their environment, yet often able to muddle through despite their own ineptitudes and repeated failures — this might help us persevere in view of the seemingly impossible tasks ahead of us.

One problem: Warmists are humorless scolds, who think it’s funny to wish death on people who do not believe in the climate crisis scam. Who want to put them in jail. They really are miserable. (and hypocrites)

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10 Responses to “People Who Are Unhinged, Deranged, And Not Funny Tell Us Comedy Can Help Tackle The Climate Crisis (scam)”

  1. Best Of able says:

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    in favor of me.

  2. Jl says:

    If they want to laugh, just have them look at various examples of their “settled science”

    • John says:

      All of the US military services DO accept that the science is in fact “settled”

      • Kye says:

        So now the military determines what science is “settled”? I guess that’s better than your last “expert”, a semi retarded 16 year old daughter of two communist Swedes.

        Besides, you would have to show me the exact quote of the “US military forces” stating that they all accept global warming as settled.

        I don’t think you can, Fredo II. Prove me wrong.

        Trump 2020 Let’s get rid of the traitors once and for all.

  3. ST says:

    FULL VIDEO – U.S. President Trump holds rally in Michigan amid impeachment

  4. John says:

    All the US military services are on record as believing in global warming

    • All of the US military services are part of the executive branch of the federal government. They say whatever they are told to say from one administration to another. This is what civilian control of the military means. The secretary of Defense and all the service secretaries dictate what the services “believe” from year to year and they are appointed by the current president. Further, a “service” cannot “believe” anything. Only people can make statements of belief. The same is true for any decrees made by HHS, FEMA, NOIA, NASA, and the Department of Education. These are pretty simple concepts. Do you really not know this?

      • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

        He competes everyday for the “Wrong Again Johnny Award” and usually wins. The exception being when the whimpering little sissybitch enters the contest.


    • Jl says:

      In 1974 the CIA believed that cooling could cause global unrest, famine, etc.. So?

      • HAHAHA. The CIA “believes” every non-nuclear power who wants nukes is “two years away” from developing one. They continue to believe that right up until that country tests one. Guess what the current CIA estimate is about how far away Iran is from having “the bomb”. Yep. Two years.

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