Hot Take: Impeach Trump Repeatedly For Stonewalling

There are several really, really bad Hot Takes out there. There’s this one

Let’s make sure history doesn’t repeat itself: daughter of Holocaust survivors

which is quite possibly the worst article on the whole “caging illegal aliens is like the Nazis and the Holocaust” take you’ll ever read. The you have the NY Times publishing an opinion piece “In The Land Of Self Defeat“, in which Monica Potts takes a trip to Arkansas and someone links the closure of a library to Donald Trump (he’s living rent free) and highlight the utterly condescending, nasty attitudes them thar big city slickers have towards small town folks (yet, the city slickers keep leaving their liberal cities and states for those areas, because they aren’t liberalized with high crime, high taxes, etc).

Then you have Excitable Charles Blow, who’s living in Fantasy Land

Impeach Trump, Repeatedly
A president should not be able to stonewall and run out the clock.

When the Democratic leadership was finally forced to formally back an impeachment inquiry, they faced a choice: focus broadly on all of Donald Trump’s corruption and unfitness, which could drag on for a long time, or focus narrowly on the new revelations about Trump and Ukraine and do so quickly. They chose the latter.

I happen to agree with that strategy, if one assumes that you only have one shot at this. But, I also propose another scenario: Do both. Draw up articles of impeachment on the narrow case of Ukraine, but don’t close the impeachment inquiry. Keep it open and ready to draw up more articles as new corruption is uncovered. Impeach Trump repeatedly if necessary.

There is nothing in the Constitution that prevents a president from being impeached more than once.

Trump and his administration are stonewalling in every way possible, refusing to produce administration officials for testimony and refusing to produce documents.

That, my friends, is hilarious. Was Charles Blow asleep during the Obama administration? To say that Trump is stonewalling is like comparing a Pop Warner football team to an NFL caliber (well, maybe not the Jets and Broncos) one. Sheesh, through 2014, Darrell Issa had submitted 103 subpoenas due to the stonewalling. Have we forgotten, among others, “Fast and Furious scandal, the IRS, ObamaCare, and, most recently, the operations of a political office at the White House (massive Hatch Act violations)”? How about the stonewalling on Benghazi?  Those are just a few of the big examples. His administration was also the most secretive, setting records year after year for refusing Freedom Of Information Act requests, which led to lawsuit after lawsuit.

And let’s not forget the stonewalling from the Obama administration when it came to Hillary Clinton’s server issue, as well as what they were doing with their Iran deal.

But beyond that, there is an apolitical truth: All political corruption, abuses of power, conspiracies, cover-ups and attempts to deceive and mislead the public are wrong. Many Trump loyalists will never accede to this point, but many more Americans, at the core, know this difference between right and wrong.

Yet, Obama and his team did it constantly. But, hey, since Charles says all political corruption and abuses of power are bad, he’s up for investigating, officially, what Vice President Joe Biden did to help his son Hunter, in regards to China and Ukraine, right? Charles will tell the bosses at the NY Times to investigate the hell out of this, right?

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