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Youth Worried Won’t See More Birthdays From Coming Climate Apocalypse

Is it any wonder we see all sorts of articles about ‘climate change’ causing mental health issues? It’s pretty much from people being force fed constant articles about coming doom Letter: Marylanders in Congress must support climate change initiatives I just turned 15. How many more birthdays will I be able to celebrate before the […]

If All You See…

…are trees dying from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on race baiters calling the wall white nationalism.

We Need Eco-Socialism To Confront ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Remember, though, that his has nothing to do with politics, you guys To confront climate change, we need to democratize, decarbonize, and decommodify our energy resources. https://t.co/SEKtDea79O — Jacobin (@jacobin) January 7, 2019 From the link At this past February’s “Alternative Models of Ownership Conference” hosted by the Labour Party in London, party leader Jeremy […]

Washington Post: Congress Must Insist On Justice For Officer Ronil Singh

Oh, wait, no, the WP Editorial Board aren’t worried about that, they’re worried about a Muslim Brotherhood defending, Islamist reporter Saudi Arabia’s trial for Khashoggi’s murder is a travesty. Congress must insist on justice. IT MIGHT not have been a coincidence that as the new Congress convened Thursday, Saudi Arabia announced the opening of a trial of […]

Nancy Pelosi Is Super Excited To Force Presidents To Release Their Tax Returns

This is purely over Trump Derangement Syndrome, as he refused to release his tax returns, which are pretty much no one else’s business and not required by the Constitution Pelosi Introduces Bill to Force Presidents—But Not Members of Congress—to Release Their Tax Returns House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced legislation on Friday that would require the president and […]

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