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Hot Take: Colonization Of America Caused Little Ice Age

Not content to blame the Modern Warm period mostly/solely on Mankind, the Cult of Climastrology has now aimed its insanity at the Little Ice Age https://twitter.com/spudseven/status/1091008418725355521 From the link Colonisation of the Americas at the end of the 15th Century killed so many people, it disturbed Earth’s climate. That’s the conclusion of scientists from University […]

If All You See…

…is a world flooded from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The American Conservative, with a post on why Democrats hate Howard Schultz.

Science Must Discusses Social Justice In Regards To ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Just an FYI: I see no point in discussing the blamestorming of the current cold snap by all the Warmists yet again, as they manufacture a way to blame Mankind’s CO2 output for creating warmth which creates cold. Cold waves that have been happening for way longer than Mankind has been around. Let’s look at […]

Virginia Governor Floats Allowing Just Born Babies To Die

I never found the time to follow up on the story of a Democratic bill in Virginia that would allow babies to be aborted right up to birth (I often have pre-written posts from the morning which I can post in a few minutes using my phone). This is nuts, and something that should end […]

ICE Set Up Fake University To Catch Visa Overstayers

Many who are against illegal immigration have noted that we also need to make a big push against those who overstay their visas, as, if reports are to be believed, 45% of the illegals present have overstayed the visas. We do not need to just go after those who crossed the border illegally Farmington Hills […]

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