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CNN: We Might Possibly Totally Need Artificial Gills To Survive Sea Rise (or something)

Meanwhile, CNN uses vast amounts of energy and fossil fuels to broadcast their network, including at airports which are all about fossil fuels Artificial gills for humans could become a reality https://t.co/NNMewD1YpJ pic.twitter.com/OXU8z7LUlK — CNN (@CNN) August 15, 2018 Why? Breathing underwater, without the help of voluminous equipment, seems as unrealistic as flying overseas must […]

If All You See…

…are carbon pollution linked clouds making flying more turbulent, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on the dumbest meme on the Internet.

We Should Abolish ‘Climate Change’, Not Adapt To It Or Something

People who use lots of fossil fuels tell us that we should make them more expensive and install a government Ponzi scheme. Here’s Judy Hindley of the Citizens Climate Lobby UK in the nutty UK Guardian Stop climate change, don’t ‘adapt’ to it While I appreciate your work in keeping the spotlight on the global […]

Credentialed Media Seems Rather Upset That Criminal “Immigrant” Was Deported To El Salvador

Look at this headline: do you get the idea that NJ.com is attempting to scapegoat Immigration and Customs Enforcement for being mean and deporting “immigrants”? This immigrant was arrested multiple times. Now ICE has sent him back to El Salvador. No telling if writer Kelly Heyboer wrote the headline or someone else did. Let’s see […]

Bummer: Internet Is Even Faster With The End Of Net Neutrality

Remember the utter doom that was to come with the end of the 2015 Obama Net Neutrality order, which was passed by unelected bureaucrats and turned the Internet into the same type of public utility as a 1940’s wired home phone system? Remember, it was going to be the end of the Internet? Hey @CNN, […]

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