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Your Carbon Pollution Infused Beer Is Killing Off Bloody Mary’s Which Help With Your Beer Hangovers

This is simply horrible. Horrible. What are we going to do? Bloody Marys Kill Hangovers, but Climate Change May Kill the Bloody Mary Grub Street went deep on the impact of climate change on the surprisingly large number of ingredients that go into a Bloody Mary on Wednesday. It’s an great piece but the news isn’t good for […]

If All You See…

…is a world flooded by carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Political Clown Parade, with a post on NY State’s first clown.

The Climate Is Totally Changing Because You Wear Clothes Or Something

Do you wear clothes? Do you like fashion? Well, all that extreme weather is your fault! 10,000 liters of water are needed to produce a pair of jeans. Long supply chains and energy intensive production make #fashion the 2nd most polluting industry on the planet. Find out how @UN organizations support the shift to #sustainablefashion […]

Louisiana Punishes Two Anti-2nd Amendment Banks Over Road Project

Will other 2nd Amendment supporting states follow along and do similar things? (Washington Times) A Louisiana commission voted Thursday to block two banking giants from taking part in a new highway project, moving to punish the companies for gun control policies they adopted after the Parkland, Florida, school shooting this year. Citigroup and Bank of […]

AG Sessions Looks To Speed Up Deportations Of “Immigrants”

Many wonder where Jeff Sessions is on some issues, but, when it comes to illegal immigration, he has been working hard to kick them out. Here’s Reuters point it out using somewhat misleading language. Which we’re all used to. You’d think that they’d get the message, along with the rest of the media, that no […]

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