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Climatruther: Let’s Put A Price On Other People’s Carbon Output

This is one of those small things, but, when you have lots of small things they add up to a big thing. Kinda like that change jar with pennies, nickles, and dimes, which suddenly has $100 in. And this small thing is a Warmist wanting to put his beliefs on Other People Letter: Put a […]

If All You See…

…is a beautiful, calm day that will soon be replaced by horrific doomy storms, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Pacific Pundit, with a post on someone else who had their security clearance pulled.

‘Climate Change’ To Make Danger Of Tsunamis Greater Or Something

This is your fault for taking a fossil fueled trip to the beach and riding fossil fueled boats and jet skis New tsunami risk for Hull as experts say ‘absolute worst case’ predictions weren’t bad enough Hull has already been hit by tidal surges but climate change means it is at greater risk from huge […]

Bummer: Immigrant Ordered Leave U.S. Is Not An “Object For Removal” Or Something

According to the law, he is. And, perhaps he shouldn’t have violated the law, which has made his wife, Amy Gotlieb, write this cute little opinion piece A message to ICE: My husband is not an object ‘for removal’ This month, my husband, Ravi Ragbir, received a new appointment letter from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The reason […]

NY Times: Was It Illegal To Revoke Brennan’s Security Clearance?

The headline asks the question. The subhead and opinion piece by Jeffrey H. Smith, former general counsel of the Central Intelligence Agency, state it was Was It Illegal for Trump to Revoke Brennan’s Security Clearance? The president not only violated the former C.I.A. director’s First Amendment rights but also made it harder for the government […]

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