Climatruther: Let’s Put A Price On Other People’s Carbon Output

This is one of those small things, but, when you have lots of small things they add up to a big thing. Kinda like that change jar with pennies, nickles, and dimes, which suddenly has $100 in. And this small thing is a Warmist wanting to put his beliefs on Other People

Letter: Put a price on carbon pollution

Unfortunately this summer’s weather reminds me of last summer’s weather — hot, hazy, and dry. Climate scientists tell us that the atmosphere will continue to warm with additional carbon dioxide. This dangerous trend can be changed by putting a price on carbon pollution.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s fee and dividend plan proposes to place a steadily increasing fee, a price, on the carbon content of fossil fuels at the source: mine, well, or port of entry, then to distribute the net revenue collected via a monthly dividend check to households. For most households the monthly dividend will exceed increased energy costs. Together, a price on carbon pollution and the resulting dividend will prompt households to choose products and services that are less carbon-intensive, thereby taking responsible action to reduce carbon pollution.

Most Americans favor a type of fee and dividend model. The Yale Climate Opinion Maps 2018 were updated this month showing that an “estimated 68 percent of adults support taxing fossil fuel companies while equally reducing other taxes.”

Please take a few minutes to call Rep. DeFazio (202-225-6416), Sen. Wyden (202-224-5244), and Sen. Merkley (202-224-3753). Ask them to act on the present and future danger of uncontrolled climate change by putting a price on carbon pollution. Future generations will thank you for making these calls.

The point here is that the letter by Jim Holm to the Corvallis Gazette-Times shows what all these little Warmists have been told to believe: we’ll place taxes on things like fossil fuels companies and everything will be fine. That That Guy should pay. Yet, again, these little boob members of the Cult of Climastrology never offer to do anything in their own lives. And then they’ll be the first ones caterwauling when they’re cost of living skyrockets. And this shows that it is all about things other than science. To paraphrase Glenn Reynolds “I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who tell me it’s a crisis act like it’s a crisis in their own lives.”

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