AG Sessions Looks To Speed Up Deportations Of “Immigrants”

Many wonder where Jeff Sessions is on some issues, but, when it comes to illegal immigration, he has been working hard to kick them out. Here’s Reuters point it out using somewhat misleading language. Which we’re all used to. You’d think that they’d get the message, along with the rest of the media, that no one is buying their schitck

U.S. attorney general issues order to speed up immigrant deportations

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday sought to speed up the deportation of illegal immigrants, telling immigration judges they should only postpone cases in removal proceedings “for good cause shown.”

Sessions, in an interim order that was criticized by some lawyers, said the “good-cause” standard “limits the discretion of immigration judges and prohibits them from granting continuances for any reason or no reason at all.”

Unlike the federal judiciary system, U.S. immigration courts fall under the Department of Justice and the attorney general can intervene. Sessions, a Republican former U.S. Senator appointed by President Donald Trump, has been unusually active in this practice compared to his predecessors. (snip)

Critical in showing “good cause” is whether a person is likely to succeed in efforts to remain in the United States, either by appealing for asylum or receiving some form of visa or work permit, Sessions said on Thursday.

That makes quite a bit of sense. If they aren’t going to succeed, or there’s little chance of succeeding, kick those who are unlawfully present in the U.S. out toot-sweet. Immediately. Of course, this makes those who are supposed to be representing Americans very sad

Stephen Kang, an attorney with the ACLU immigrants rights project, described Sessions’ order as “troubling” and one of a series that “has moved in the direction of restricting due process rights for individuals who are in removal proceedings.”

What he’s actually saying is that the chance of the illegal disappearing back into America after being caught would be reduced. Tough. We have laws.

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