Bummer: Judge Tosses Kids’ Lawsuit On ‘Climate Change’ In Washington State

Cue the sad face

Judge Dismisses Youth Climate Change Lawsuit in Washington State

A group of young climate advocates who sued the state of Washington to force it to reduce greenhouse gas emissions lost their case on Tuesday when a judge sided with the state and agreed to dismiss it.

The judge urged them to pursue their cause through other channels.

King County Superior Court Judge Michael Scott wrote that the issues at the heart of the case are political and should be considered by the state’s legislative and executive branches, not settled by its courts.

The Washington lawsuit is one of nine state-level cases involving youth advocates supported by Our Children’s Trust, the group leading a federal youth lawsuit that heads to trial in a U.S. District Court in Oregon this October. Like the federal suit, known as Juliana v. U.S., the state lawsuits accuse the government of failing to protect the children from the dangers of climate change and pushing policies that favor fossil fuel use.

This type of thing is meant to go through the legislative branch, where people make law, not courts, which rule on whether law is Constitutional. Regardless, this has made the Warmist/Climahypocrites very upset, and they want Something Done. Well, they have their chance coming up

Will Washington State Voters Make History on Climate Change?

This November, voters in Washington State may do what no group of people—in or outside the United States—has done before.

They will vote on whether to adopt a carbon fee, an aggressive policy to combat climate change that charges polluters for the right to emit carbon dioxide and other potent greenhouse gases.

Their decision will reverberate far beyond the Olympic Peninsula. If the measure passes, Washington will make history, becoming not only the first state in the union to adopt a type of policy called a carbon tax—but also the first government anywhere to do so by ballot referendum.

Carbon tax or cap and trade, several states already have them, and they’re driving up the cost of living. But, if Washington voters want this, that’s on them. Perhaps they should give up their own use of fossil fuels individually if they vote for it. The last time they tried this in 2016 it failed. I’m not find any real polling on the issue, but, if they want a fee/tax/whatever language they want to use, go for it. Don’t cry when prices skyrocket and businesses leave.

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2 Responses to “Bummer: Judge Tosses Kids’ Lawsuit On ‘Climate Change’ In Washington State”

  1. JJ says:

    HAHA , losers

  2. Trish McNamara says:

    Wow, I hope it loses again but what are they thinking? Oh, never mind, they are “feeling” and that’s more important than using common sense.

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