Even If You Don’t Believe In ‘Climate Change’, You Should Totally Be Up For A Carbon Tax Or Something

It’s funny how the Warmists are always finding new and exciting ways to push one of their main “solutions”, a carbon tax. Here we have Elen Van Velsor, group leader of the Greensboro chapter and North Carolina’s state coordinator for Citizens Climate Lobby, being funny

Ellen Van Velsor: This climate-change plan could work

This news is too good not to share — there is a solution to climate change. At the recent Citizens Climate International Conference, experts from the fields of public health, economics and climate science as well as from the oil, auto, food and utilities industries all called for action on climate change now. And citizen opinion supports their views. The Yale Climate Opinion Study shows that 62 percent of North Carolinians believe that global warming is happening and that more than half of the people in our state are worried.

A solution, people, a solution! It’s about Warmists giving up their own use of fossil fuels and making their lives carbon neutral….oh, wait

Regardless of whether one believes that climate change is caused by human activity, greenhouse gases put our health and economy at risk. The most effective solution is a price on carbon, which is like an insurance policy against risk. We get life insurance, not because we expect to die tomorrow but so that when we do, our assets and our loved ones will be protected. In much the same way, a well-constructed carbon policy protects not only our collective assets, our health and our economy, but it helps create a livable world for those we leave behind. There are no downsides.

Got that? Even if you do not believe the increase in GHGs is mostly/solely caused by Mankind, you should totally agree that an economy killing carbon tax that will increase your cost of living is totally awesome!

Experts from all fields agree the very best insurance we can have is a carbon-fee-and-dividend policy. (snip)

This idea is significantly different from a carbon “tax.” Taxes revert to government coffers. Instead, returning 100 percent of fees to households as a monthly dividend check not only would make rising prices for expenses like gasoline and heating fuel affordable, it would provide additional income for those at the lowest income levels and incentive for people at the highest incomes to reduce their carbon footprint.

Interesting how this again increase the power of government and makes citizens more dependent on government, eh? They’re admitting that the cost of living will skyrocket, but, does anyone actually think that government will give 100% back to the citizens? Please. Regardless, you can call it a fee and dividend policy, it’s still a tax.

Furthermore, a bipartisan carbon-fee-and-dividend policy works through the market rather than through government regulation and is equitable and pro-growth in that it puts money into the hands of those households that are most likely to spend it.

?????? It’s not a market solution of the government is mandating it.

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3 Responses to “Even If You Don’t Believe In ‘Climate Change’, You Should Totally Be Up For A Carbon Tax Or Something”

  1. alanstorm says:

    “Regardless of whether one believes that climate change is caused by human activity, greenhouse gases put our health and economy at risk.”

    For some reason, I don’t trust people who contradict themselves quite so obliviously.

    If climate change is NOT caused by human activity, exactly how are we to suppose that greenhouse gases put our health and economy at risk?

  2. skybill says:

    “BITCH PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


  3. Professor Hale says:

    It’s all about the money. It’s always been about the money. Environmentalists learned from the environmental protection act what a racket studies and remediations can be. Global warning raises the stakes by billing everyone who used energy and sending the money to leftists groups and politicians. Billions and Billions.

    Nothing says “free market” like forcing people to buy thin air so that the money can go to people and causes you don’t approve of.

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