California Totally Keeping The Faith On ‘Climate Change’

I’m not sure if The Seattle Times’ Froma Harrop, or whomever wrote the headline, considered that it positions the whole anthropogenic climate change movement for what it is: pseudo religious. A cult

California keeps the faith on climate

Many on the right insist that California’s tough environmental rules are strangling its businesses. Evidence to the contrary emerged last week in news that California has just zoomed past Britain to become the world’s fifth-biggest economy. California must be doing something right.

One of the things is vigorously confronting the perils of global warming. The Trump administration, married to fossil-fuel interests, has gone AWOL in dealing with this threat to both the environment and global stability. Under Gov. Jerry Brown, California has assumed the leadership role, helping other states and other countries bypass Washington, D.C.

Before going on, let us note that many conservatives were outspoken environmentalists decades ago. President Richard Nixon established the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970. Check out a compelling recent essay in The American Conservative: “Time for Conservatives to Break the Anti-Environmentalist Mold.”

But, ‘climate change’ and the environment are really 2 separate issues. And, you’ll generally find that conservatives tend to be more ecologically/environmentally friendly than leftists/Warmists.

California’s “decarbonization” program has created a booming green-energy economy. The solar industry alone supports 250,000 jobs in the state. The push away from fossil fuels is also putting more money in people’s pockets.

For example, California just approved a requirement that nearly all new homes come equipped with solar panels in 2020. The rule will add about $9,500 to the cost of construction, but the state’s homebuilders are for it.

Said economy is based on government whim, not economics or consumer demand. And it helps contribute to California having one of the highest costs of home ownership in the nation, as well as vast homelessness. Furthermore, there’s zero evidence provided that homebuilders are for it. Previous articles show that they actually do not support it.

“We have Gov. Brown of California. We have Mike Bloomberg,” French President Emmanuel Macron proclaimed. “They’ve said they’re going to stand in place of the American federal government: ‘States, cities, private-sector players — we’re going to play a role ourselves.’ ” And so they are.

But, they’re doing it by force of government, raising costs and taking away choice.

Brown, meanwhile, plans to host the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco this September. One can just imagine the hostile tweets that will emerge. But you can rest assured, it will be a two-way tweetstorm.

Nothing says “I believe” like inviting thousands of people of climate faith to take long fossil fueled trips to attend a conference which will whine about fossil fuels.

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