Bummer: A Rising Standard Of Living Means More Use Of AC Which Causes More ‘Climate Change’

Warmists are very upset that Other People would use air conditioning, especially those icky “minorities”

Global Warming: Air Conditioners Are Bad For The Climate

It’s a real vicious circle. The hotter it gets, the more air conditioners we use… and the more air conditioners we use, the hotter it gets. Because yes, air conditioners refresh us but they also contribute, paradoxically, to the climatic disturbance of the planet. These devices consume a lot of electricity. The latter is today mainly generated by gas or coal-fired power plants and these emit greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

A report published Tuesday, May 15, 2018 by the International Energy Agency, ensures that unless a radical change of trajectory is implemented, carbon dioxide emissions related to air conditioning should almost double between 2016 and 2050. By comparison it’s like adding Africa’s CO2 emissions, about one billion tonnes of CO2 a year, to the CO2 emissions of the rest of the planet. And in cities, the warming effect of air conditioners is all the more felt. Indeed, each device rejects in the street the heat it has produced to cool the interior of a room.

The vicious circle is reinforced by the continuous rise in the standard of living in the world. Starting with China, India and Indonesia, three countries that will contribute half of the global rise in electricity consumption for air conditioning.

These developing countries are bearing the brunt of climate change. In the coming decades, billions of new devices will be installed around the world. In China and India, these goods will soon become as valuable as a refrigerator. In India, currently only 4% of households are equipped with air conditioning. But everything suggests that demand will explode in the next ten years. In Brazil, Thailand or Indonesia, when a household’s income goes up, it’s often one of the first purchases. Rapid urbanization, particularly in India, is further accelerating the phenomenon. Because urban machinery, not just air conditioning, creates heat, a heat that is in turn absorbed by concrete.

You’ve heard this all before, but, in this case, they left out the black people in Africa, who are usually on the hit list to limit their development. Interestingly, you never read about Warmists in the 1st world willing to give up their own AC, nor that they’ve actually done so. We see the Seattle Times, with a reprint of a NY Times article, trotting out the same lines

But there is growing concern that as other countries adopt America’s love of air conditioners, the electricity used to power them will overburden electrical grids and increase planet-warming emissions. (snip)

As incomes in those countries rise, however, more people are installing air conditioners in their homes. The energy agency predicted much of the growth in air conditioning will occur in India, China and Indonesia.

So, they’re upset that those icky “minorities” might obtain the same standard of living and have the same type of great lifestyle as Warmists. Rather racist, eh?

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  1. It’s the same old communist/Progressive line of effort: Third world people don’t matter and are just in the way. Teach them birth control and abortion to get them to hold down their own population, and when that doesn’t work fast enough, keep malaria going strong by banning DDT. (after we use it to eradicate malaria in places we like).

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