Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ To Make Wines Taste Smokey

Another day, another deranged linking of Things That Have Always Happened to Other People using fossil fueled vehicles and refusing to buy local…..hey, don’t they ship wines produced on America’s west coast all over the country and world using fossil fueled vehicles? That’s bad for ‘climate change’. They should end their businesses right now, except for a small part to sell locally

Smoky wine: A taste of climate change
As the planet heats up, wildfires in wine country are becoming more frequent and more intense, forcing vintners to get creative. And you can taste that.

David O’Reilly produces wine in Washington state’s Yakima Valley. Originally from Ireland, he has come to know the land here intimately, planting each grape species in the soil type and microclimate that suits it best — whether that’s the cool north side of a hill or the dry rocky earth where his Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre vines thrive.

These subtly different environments contribute to a wine’s unique flavor. But now, O’Reilly has to contend with with impacts of global warming on the taste, too. Last summer, wildfires swept down the western United States, forcing entire communities to evacuate, burning homes and scorching the land.

In July 2017, an errant firework landed on a dry, grassy hillside close to O’Reilly’s vineyards, starting a fire that spread across the arid landscape.

Whoa, whoa, so it wasn’t Hotcoldwetdry that started the fire, but an “errant firework”? Sure, that’s man-caused, but not liked to the feeling from Warmists that the tiny changes in the climate are mostly/solely caused by mankind

Flames soon encircled O’Reilly’s land. Firefighters worked through the night to keep them from reaching his hilltop house, and his neighbors’ homes. But several rows of grapevines burned to the ground.

And even the grapes that survive such a fire can be ruined if they’re contaminated by smoke, changing how the fruit tastes.

It’s a problem more and more winemakers around the world could be facing.

What, idiots starting fires with errant fireworks is a problem winemakers are facing around the world?

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