Tales From California: White Woman Calls Cops On Black Family Grilling Out

Ah, the People’s Republik Of California, a hotbed of diversity, tolerance, multiculturalism….raaaaacism? (via Twitchy)

Family wants to create awareness after BBQ confrontation at Lake Merritt

A family’s weekend barbecue outing at a popular East Bay spot had the potential of turning seriously ugly.

Police were called in because of a dispute about where people can set up their charcoal grills.

“This is exactly what is the problem with Oakland today. This lady wants to sit here and call the police on them for having a barbeque at the lake as if this is not normal,” said Michelle Snider.

Snider used her cellphone to record the woman you see on the video who called Oakland police because she said “it is illegal to have a charcoal grill in the park here.”

Of course, the people grilling out were black, and the woman on the phone was white, so, the Usual Suspects had fits. Like Fake Black Sean King

Of course, this is California, where they have lots and lots and lots of rules about everything, especially when it comes to Evil Barbecues releasing Evil carbon pollution, and….

According to an official Oakland Park and Rec map of Lake Merritt, there are six designated barbecue locations, three stationary charcoal locations, and three non-charcoal portable grill locations.

Smith and Snider were charcoal grilling in a non-charcoal grilling location.

Oops. So, raaaaacism denied. But, refer back to the headline

Smith was allowed to continue his weekend family barbecue by the lake like he says since he was a child.

“Honestly I want some kind of awareness. We need to be able to talk about this in an open forum,” said Smith.

And if that happens, it could be the beginning of building a better community.

How about this: follow the rules and grill out in designated locations. That’s the only “awareness” needed. The only thing we need to talk about.

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3 Responses to “Tales From California: White Woman Calls Cops On Black Family Grilling Out”

  1. Oldav8r says:

    “How about this: follow the rules and grill out in designated locations.”

    Or How about this: Elect government that isn’t hell-bent on regulating everything in everyone’s life down to the proper location of charcoal grills.

    • gitarcarver says:

      My little burg has similar rules. You can charcoal grill in some places but not in others. The reason for the ordinance was that people were simply dumping old, hot coals everywhere and walking away. There was no real way to catch them because you had to see them doing it. So the City passed an ordinance mandating charcoal grills in certain areas of parks. The result is less mess, less clear up for crews, fewer people getting burned and fewer fires being started.

      I agree with you that it would be great not to regulate everything, but at the same time people should not have to worry about getting burned because some idiot can’t dispose of their coals correctly and act in a selfish manner.

      (I watched as one moron dumped his hot coals into a beach volley ball pit. Had to stop a bunch of kids who came up from playing until we could put out and dig out the hot coals.)

  2. I have no problem with local governments regulating how local government property is used. That is reasonably within their responsibility.

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