Idiot House Republicans Look To Force Vote On DACA

Why do we vote for these guys when they tend to do exactly what we do not want them to do?

(The Hill) House Republican leaders are scrambling to stop an effort by rank-and-file members to force votes on immigration, with lawmakers openly defying their calls to stand down.

Centrist Reps. Carlos Curbelo (Fla.), Jeff Denham (Calif.) and Will Hurd (Texas), all Republicans facing tough reelection races, introduced a discharge petition on Wednesday morning to trigger a series of immigration votes. Discharge petitions are traditionally seen as a serious affront to leadership, making members reluctant to sign on.

Yet the effort quickly caught fire, gaining new supporters throughout the day. By press time, at least 17 GOP lawmakers had endorsed the petition, just eight short of the 25 Republican votes that would be needed if every Democrat also backed it.

In case these “centrist” Republicans missed it, Dreamers cannot vote for them. And this kind of thing would give Democrats a win. House leadership would prefer the Goodlatte/McCaul bill, which would give legal status in exchange for tough enforcement measures, but, there enough Republican sponsors.

There are whole bunch of arcane rules to discharge petitions, which end with what’s called Queen Of The Hill rule, meaning the House would vote on a series of legislative proposals, including one of Paul Ryan’s choice

The Queen of the Hill rule that the GOP lawmakers have been pursuing would have the House choose between the hard-line proposal from Goodlatte; the DREAM Act, a proposal that would give a path to citizenship to 1.8 million Dreamers; the USA Act, a measure that would pair the Dream Act with $25 billion in border security funding; and Ryan’s proposal.

You can bet Democrats would vote in full block for the DREAM Act, and oppose the others. The USA Act is simply a GOP version that would give amnesty in exchange for a promise of Doing Something. Either one would be a win for Democrats who love to codify illegal activity as being just fine. How about just enforcing existing law? So many of these so-called Dreamers could have gone through regular legal avenues to apply for citizenship or permanent legal status.

It’s long past time for some Republicans to stop cozying up to Democratic Party beliefs.

And we have this old fart

John McCain warns that Republicans are on wrong side of immigration debate

We’re on the wrong side of enforcing federal law? There’s also a story that McCain states that he gave Comey the Steele dossier and is urging the Senate to reject Haspel for CIA. These are the kinds of things that kept millions of Republicans home in 2008, because they didn’t trust this old fart. He seems to be going scorched earth in his final days.

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3 Responses to “Idiot House Republicans Look To Force Vote On DACA”

  1. Dana says:

    The proper thing would be to do nothing, make no changes at all to our immigration laws, and enforce the ones that remain on the books. Round up the ‘dreamers’ and deport all of them.

    Just think: if the ‘dreamers’ are so great, the way the Democrats claim them to be, they’d be a tremendous advantage to their home countries. The beneficiaries of an American education — well, maybe not: an American education these days means children are being told they can look at a guy with a penis and testicles and think, ‘You know, that might be a girl’ — ought to bring greater productivity and prosperity to their home countries, making things better all around.

  2. I don’t think this is going to happen. Democrats are still learning that when Trump said it was his final offer, he didn’t mean to just keep trying until he caves. Said he was moving onto other issues and is appears he means it.

  3. Stosh says:

    Pass DACA with the stipulation that the status of applicants cannot be finalized until their parents are convicted or plea to human trafficking and are deported with a lifetime ban on returning to the US.

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