Trump Has Declared War On The Climate Or Something

It’s a kind of day. First they’re yammering on about how great it would be if Paris sued fossil fuels companies, and they want cities to divest from fossil fuels, and then they were given a platform at The Hill. This bit of nuttiness is by May Boeve, the executive director

Trump has declared war on our climate — we won’t let him win

President Trump declared recently in his State of the Union that his administration had “ended the war on American energy and clean coal.” In fact, what Trump actually did was declare war on our climate. We won’t let him win.

Hiding behind rhetoric about our nation’s “crumbling infrastructure” isn’t a plan that makes America great. It’s a plan that makes America more polluted, worse off, and less prepared for the difficult century ahead.

Listen to mayors and governors across America and they’ll tell you that climate change is one of the greatest threats facing their communities. Whether it’s sea level rise in Miami or drought in Phoenix, the climate crisis is eating away at the foundational stability that our cities, states and country depend on.

Blah blah blah. Liberal mayors of liberal cities love the notion of taxing their citizens more, while also having the power to control their citizens more. Here’s the most amusing part of this whole bit

A truly visionary president would propose a “Green New Deal,” a massive federal investment to create a new renewable energy economy that works for all of us. A Green New Deal would improve on the original New Deal with worker training programs, grants for local communities, and a call to action for our young people to create a more just and sustainable world.

Um, didn’t someone already try that? I can’t quite remember his name. And didn’t other world leaders give this a shot? And it failed?

Together, we can provide the vision that our president lacks. Our parents’ generation raced to the moon. Our generation is racing to make sure we can survive on our planet. This isn’t something that can wait, we need it fast. Without real leadership in Washington, we must turn to one another and build the fossil free world we deserve.

When will pledge that its members will stop using fossil fuels?

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2 Responses to “Trump Has Declared War On The Climate Or Something”

  1. Sven says:

    Given the chance, the climate will kill all of us. Seems only appropriate we should declare war in return.

  2. Hugh Evan-Thomas says:

    Fire up the kingsford, we’re gonna make mother nature scream.

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