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10 Incredible Things Hotcoldwetdry Will Do To Create Doom Or Something

Scaremongering via the use of a crystal ball at its best 10 incredible things climate change will do Climate change will bring some surprising effects: Bumpy plane rides, greater mood swings and more volcanic eruptions are just a few of the things we can expect over the decades to come. And yes, even more lightning. […]

If All You See…

…are pumpkins which will be destroyed by carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Maggie’s Farm, with a post on how multiculturalism is going in France.

Climate Change Is Releasing Ancient Infections Or Something

Because you refuse to give up your fossil fueled vehicle, oh, and pay lots more in taxes and fees and give up your modern lifestyle and freedom to government, the zombie apocalypse may soon be here. Or just other disease. It’s proper that this article is in a website called Futurism Climate Change Is Freeing […]

Senate Republicans Promise Big Changes To Ocare “Repeal” Bill

Repeal is in quotes because the House bill, the AHCA, does not, in fact, repeal Obamacare, otherwise known as the Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act. And, it has its own big problems (The Hill) Senate Republicans plan to dramatically overhaul the House ObamaCare replacement bill that passed Thursday and are warning the process could […]

Washington Post: OMG, Trump Has Brought Down Border Crossings With Fear!

Wouldn’t you think that reducing the flow of people entering the United States un-lawfully would be a good thing? Not in the world of the Washington Post Editorial Board Trump has brought down border crossings — by scaring people away BY NOW it is clear that no big new stretch of physical wall will rise […]

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