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From What I Hear, Illegals Bring In Lots Of Revenue Or Something

Or kill people and drive their cars after dumping their bodies (WRAL) The man charged with the murder of a friend found dead on the Raleigh greenway drove the victim’s car on the day his body was found, according to a warrant in the case. Jose Humberto Lara-Pineda, 18, is being held without bond at […]

If All You See…

…is an ocean that is turning to acid due to Other People driving fossil fueled vehicles, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Zilla Of The Resistance, with a post on what to do when Moonbat protesters block your car.

LA Times: The Pause Was Real, And Totally Confirms Human Caused Hotcoldwetdry

We know that there are well over 70 excuses for the Pause, a period where the warming was, depending on the source used, either net zero during that time or statistically insignificant. It really got to the point where no one was bothering to keep track, especially when so many were just the same excuses […]

What’s The Cost Of Illegal Immigration In The People’s Republik Of California?

California’s Democratic Party lawmakers continue their push to make the entire state a sanctuary jurisdiction, with a claim that illegals help their economy (Sacramento Bee) As California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León and other Democratic lawmakers gain national attention for the effort to make California the first state to declare it self a […]

Fake News: Woman Convicted Of Laughing During Sessions Confirmation Hearings Or Something

This is one of those big, big, big “or something’s”. Take a look at some headlines Jury Convicts Woman Who Laughed At Jeff Sessions During Senate Hearing Woman faces a year in prison after laughing at Jeff Sessions Jury convicts Virginia woman who was removed for laughing during Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing Activist Faces Jail […]

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