Climate Change Is Releasing Ancient Infections Or Something

Because you refuse to give up your fossil fueled vehicle, oh, and pay lots more in taxes and fees and give up your modern lifestyle and freedom to government, the zombie apocalypse may soon be here. Or just other disease. It’s proper that this article is in a website called Futurism

Climate Change Is Freeing Ancient Infections From Their Icy Prisons

In a TV series called “The Last Ship,” humanity is almost wiped out by a plague that emerges from the frozen Arctic as a result of global warming. The idea of a disease originating from a remote landscape makes for good science fiction, but it looks like we could potentially experience that devastation first-hand.

The source of these real-world outbreaks? Permafrost soil in the polar regions. (snip)

Due to climate change, permafrost melting has increased to alarming rates. Efforts to combat it are underway, including an idea to refreeze polar ice caps, but we have no way of knowing just how imminent a viral outbreak is from previously frozen viruses hiding under the now-thinning permafrost layers. “[T]here is now a non-zero probability that pathogenic microbes could be revived, and infect us,” Claverie said. “How likely that is is not known, but it’s a possibility.

The best thing we can do is ensure we are able to combat any such outbreaks if they do occur by keeping adequate vaccine stores on hand. That, and continue our efforts to end global warming and, perhaps, even reverse some of the damage that’s already been done.

What caused those viruses to be encased in ice in the first place? The world must have been warm prior. So, what made it warm then, and why can’t the same mechanism be in play now?

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