NC Group Forces Charlotte School System To Pull Crossdressing Book

If you remember, the who HB2 “bathroom bill” issue originated due to the Charlotte city council passing an ordinance requiring business owners to allow the gender confused to use whichever bathroom they want. Now, the school system tried to pull another fast one

(NY Times) The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools system in North Carolina was going to use a book about a boy who likes to wear dresses as part of a first-grade lesson on what to do when someone is bullied.

But school administrators this week pulled the book, “Jacob’s New Dress,” after critics complained about its content.

The book came under fire from the North Carolina Values Coalition, a conservative group that promotes “pro-family positions,” according to its website.

Tami Fitzgerald, the executive director of the coalition, said that no notice was given to parents about the book and that it was sprung on teachers only days before it was supposed to be used.

“I read the book online,” she said. “It’s clearly geared to young children. The book is meant as a tool of indoctrination to normalize transgender behavior. I think a lot of parents would object to that.”

She said a teacher tipped off the coalition, which emailed its members, issued a news release and was organizing a petition when the school system reversed course.

“We believe the purpose of first grade is to teach writing, reading and math and not to teach boys to wear dresses,” she said.

One would think reading, writing, and math would be the purpose of first grade, but, the Social Justice Warrior element (read: nutjobs) in education are attempting to use schools more and more for their wackadoodle ideas more and more.

The NY Times has a very leftist view in describing the book, that it’s about how Jacob likes to wear dresses, so his parents let him wear a dress to school, and how oh so supportive his parents and teachers are in the face of another student complaining about Jacob wearing girls’ clothes. And includes silly stuff from the book’s writers. Let’s head to the Daily Caller

In the book, a schoolboy, Jacob, wants to wear a pink dress. Instead of teaching their son that dresses are for girls, Jacob’s parents decide to sacrifice their son’s mental health; they even make the boy a new dress and send him to school adorned in the garb of the opposite sex.

Leftists just can’t help pushing their insanity on Everyone Else.

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7 Responses to “NC Group Forces Charlotte School System To Pull Crossdressing Book”

  1. Dana says:

    In a very sad commentary on how the left are influencing our minds, I just saw a commercial for Clearasil, or some other zit medication, in which they tried to use humor to say that the product didn’t cure any teenaged ills other than pimples. There was a picture of a teenaged boy’s brain, in which “GIRLS” took up most of the space, and I thought, “Oh, how terribly heteronormative! Someone will protest that, for sure.”

    Of course, heterosexuality is the norm, and should always be regarded as the norm, with anything else regarded as abnormal.

  2. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Teaching this crap in first grade is nothing less than Nazi style propaganda and basically child abuse.

  3. Jeffery says:

    When I was in the first grade we were terrorized by being told that a vengeful man living in the sky would throw us into a never-ending lake of fire unless we worshiped him. Imagine our shock when years later we found out this was all a big lie.

    A boy in a dress pales in comparison.

  4. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    You are the most morally corrupt individual I’ve ever run across. You should not be allowed near children or animals by law.

    If you were “terrorized” by the love of God you must have been a real pussy. I see nothing has changed and your mind is still closed like a rusted bear trap. Dumbass.

  5. jl says:

    When I was an adult we were terrorized by being told that a trace gas essential to life would send us onto a never-ending string of climate catastrophes unless we sent money to the government so they could control the climate. Imagine our shock when we found this out to be a big lie. A boy getting beat-up for wearing a dress pales in comparison.

  6. Jeffery says:

    Rev Shit for Brains says that seeing a boy in a dress (in a book, no less) is child abuse.

    Love of God, LOL. Bow down and worship me or I’ll torture you for eternity! Some love. Sounds more like terrorism and brutality. No thanks. Thank Allah that that nonsense if forced on schoolchildren any more.

    j, we’re sorry that you, as a grown up, feel terrorized by facts. This is a common response with snowflakes on the right who, as adults, throw hissy fits when they hear facts contrary to their (usually inaccurate) beliefs.

    Dana, By your “logic”, the blue eyed, the redhaired, conservatives with a sense of humor, Blacks, Native Americans, Italian-Americans, the bald, conservatives with advanced degrees, the unemployed, are all abnormal.

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