Last Year’s (completely normal) Weather Leaves No Room For Doubt On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

The same people who used to say that weather is not climate when it was cold, snowy, icy, entirely average, etc (until they decided that things like cold and snow are caused by carbon pollution) are now claiming that entirely normal weather is all part of man-caused climate change doom

Last year’s weather proves climate change is real with ‘no room for doubt’, say scientists
‘Human-driven climate change is now an empirically verifiable fact … those who dispute [it] are not sceptics, but anti-science deniers’

There is “no room for doubt”. The astonishing weather experienced by the world last year and advances in climate science demonstrate conclusively that fossil fuel emissions are causing global warming – and something must be done about it.

That was the reaction from scientist after scientist to a new report by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), which documented record-breaking droughts, heatwaves, rainfall, melting of sea ice and a host of tangible signs observed in 2016 that the Earth’s climate has changed. (snip)

But Dr Phil Williamson, an associate fellow at the University of East Anglia, said: “The WMO’s statement on the 2016 climate leaves no room for doubt.

“Human-driven climate change is now an empirically verifiable fact, combining year-to-year variability with the consequences of our release of extra greenhouse gases. Those who dispute that link are not sceptics, but anti-science deniers.”

So, the average temperature being a few hundredths of a degree higher (with lots of asterisks attached), and weather occurring, like it always has, drives supposedly reasonably people to go into meltdown and proclaim doom and make political/pseudo-religious pronouncements. This is more of the “the science is settled” schtick.

The problem here is that records, and weather, do not prove causation. But, facts and evidence have never mattered to the Cult of Climastrology.

Heavy California rains par for the course for climate change
Stanford climatologist Noah Diffenbaugh explains why heavy rains during a drought are to be expected for a state in the throes of climate change.

Here’s a question that Stanford climatologist Noah Diffenbaugh gets asked a lot lately: “Why did California receive so much rain lately if we’re supposed to be in the middle of a record-setting drought?”

Obviously, the answer in the article is carbon pollution created doom. In the real world, it’s that California has always gone through periods of very dry and then periods of wet, due to changes in the Pacific Ocean. Warmists are about as rational as the people who claim that God buried dinosaur bones to throw people off.

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5 Responses to “Last Year’s (completely normal) Weather Leaves No Room For Doubt On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. Hank_M says:

    The only thing there’s no doubt about is that the left’s favorite religion is a load of bull and no ones is buying it.

    The global warming/climate change gravy train is about to run out.
    Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    You know, the point is that the qualitative features of these theories or models are being “assumed” and they’re not actually being tested or falsified.
    These pseudoscientists are just constructing computer-aided “stories” that make the initial assumptions look plausible. But they’re not actually producing any evidence that the assumptions are intrinsically correct – i.e. capable of making reliable predictions of the future. They are just adjusting the other moving parts so that the whole package passes some tests.

  3. jl says:

    What clowns. The California drought was “predicted” to be permanent until it wasn’t. Same with Texas a few years ago. But we promise, we know what we’re talking about

  4. Jeffery says:

    a load of bull and no one is buying it.

    Just all scientists, all scientific organizations, nearly every government, every major religion, most major corporations etc etc… In fact, far-right Americans comprise the Denialist cabal, and far-right Americans have taken control of the US government for now.

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