Man Caused Global Warming Makes Snowstorms Worse Or Something

This is not a new meme from the Cult of Climastrology. They’ve been beating this horse for several years now as a means to deflect off of seeing big snowstorms during a period in which the world is supposed to be boiling, especially as Europe and many parts of the world have seen brutal winters over many of the past ten seasons. But, hey, we had Stella, so, the CoC has to reiterated the meme, which states that ‘climate change’ causes snowstorms or makes them worse

Does Global Warming Cause Snowstorms? Weather Like Stella Enhanced By Climate Change

Winter Storm Stella bore down on much of the United States Tuesday, begging the question: What does a snowstorm in March mean for global warming? While it might seem easy to discount the latter because of the discontinuity between the two phrases — snow and warming don’t seem to go together — the changing climate can actually exacerbate extreme weather events like snowstorms in March.

Some point to snow and freezing weather as proof that global warming isn’t occurring. While snowstorms like Stella aren’t directly caused by a changing climate, global warming does cause hotter air. Hotter air, in turn, holds more moisture than colder air, causing heavier precipitation that comes in the form of extreme rain or snow.

As a result, the amount of rain or snow falling in the heaviest 1 percent of storms has increased over the last half century, according to the Union of Concern Scientists. Some areas have recorded up to a 71 percent increase in the amount of precipitation that has fallen in the heaviest storms between 1958 and 2012.

This must mean it was really hot during the last ice age, right? And must have been boiling during the Snowball Earth period.

Of course, at least half of what are considered the biggest snowstorms in U.S. recorded history happened before that 1958 period. One of them, the Blizzard of 1999, only dropped 15 inches. Heck, we had more than that in Raleigh in 1996, with 21 inches outside my door. Of course, the 1999 storm hit a much wider area.

And, we cannot forget that measurements are much better now as technology and a spreading population allows the information to be easier to obtain. If there was a giant snowstorm in Montana in 1800, how many would have noticed? This is the same with tornadoes. If no one saw it, and there was no radar to record it, it didn’t exist.

Regardless, no amount of science or reality will dissuade Warmists from their talking points.

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One Response to “Man Caused Global Warming Makes Snowstorms Worse Or Something”

  1. Jeffery says:

    during a period in which the world is supposed to be boiling

    You probably don’t realize it, but water boils at 212F. Water freezes at 32F. Anyway, the mean (average) global surface temperature has increased about 1.5F over the past century.

    Stupid scientists! Teach’s “feelings” and “beliefs” trump data and evidence.

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