The Oceans Will Soon Turn Into A Frothing Cauldron Of Death Or Something

Just when I was about to give up on perusing Google News using the search term “climate change” and check a few other things, well…

Oceans are about to turn into a frothing cauldron of death.

Under the influence of climate change, huge patches of ocean will grow hot, acidic, and barren in coming decades according to new projections published in Nature Communications. If life goes on as usual, climate change will disrupt more than half of the world’s ocean habitat in the next 15 years, and 86 percent by 2050.

That means more coral death and more extinctions. It also threatens the fish — the primary source of protein for a billion people. Some fish are already moving, searching out cooler water.

Of course, the study itself (unsurprisingly based on computer models. Snicker) doesn’t really say this in those terms, and, includes lots of mays, mights, coulds, possiblys, and other means of hedging bets despite being rather doomy.

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