Surprise: Climate Aid Tends Not To Get To Recipients

As you surely know, one of the Big Things about ‘climate change’ is the application of typical Progressive doctrine, redistribution of (Other People’s) wealth. Unshockingly, like so many other “aid” programs, the money tends to get lost

Less Than 10% of Climate Aid Reaching Poorest: Researchers

Less than 10 percent of funds spent to help poorer communities adapt to climate change impacts and adopt clean energy are reaching the people most in need of the money, finance researchers say.

In part, that is because international climate funds, under pressure to get donated funds into action, are opting to work with development banks and other big international agencies that can quickly spend millions – rather than with smaller-scale local governments and projects, said researchers at the London-based International Institute for Environmental and Development (IIED).

Weak local ability to design and evaluate projects, and to fill out complicated forms to access money are another problem, the report said, as is the smaller scale of local projects, as vetting each one takes more time.

Another obstacle is the lack of a specific target in the Paris Agreement on climate change to spend more finance at the local level, the researchers said in a report released this week.

“Understanding how to get money where it matters is the challenge of the moment,” said Clare Shakya, climate change director at IIED and one of the report’s authors.

This isn’t even getting into how the funds get wasted on silly programs for 3rd world nations as developed by people from 1st world nations who already got theirs, but want to deny those in developing nation the same. It’s just typical of the waste of taxpayer money that never really does anything even approaching what it’s supposed to do that we constantly see, based on a misguided sense of social justice, and, in this case, based on junk science.

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