Shell Totally Knew About Climate Change In 1991 Or Something

The UK Guardian, and all the leftist media outlets which have followed on with unhinged screeds, thinks it has found the smoking gun

‘Shell knew’: oil giant’s 1991 film warned of climate change danger
Public information film unseen for years shows Shell had clear grasp of global warming 26 years ago but has not acted accordingly since, say critics

The oil giant Shell issued a stark warning of the catastrophic risks of climate change more than a quarter of century ago in a prescient 1991 film that has been rediscovered.

However, since then the company has invested heavily in highly polluting oil reserves and helped lobby against climate action, leading to accusations that Shell knew the grave risks of global warming but did not act accordingly.

Shell’s 28-minute film, called Climate of Concern, was made for public viewing, particularly in schools and universities. It warned of extreme weather, floods, famines and climate refugees as fossil fuel burning warmed the world. The serious warning was “endorsed by a uniquely broad consensus of scientists in their report to the United Nations at the end of 1990”, the film noted.

“If the weather machine were to be wound up to such new levels of energy, no country would remain unaffected,” it says. “Global warming is not yet certain, but many think that to wait for final proof would be irresponsible. Action now is seen as the only safe insurance.”

Of course, this back in 1991. Things change. Research provides new answers. New data comes to light. The Guardian makes a big deal out of this

Except, reality looks like this

Which one is wrong, the observations or the models? The doomy predictions of the 1990’s turned into the Great Pause, a time of statistically insignificant warming, which none of the models accounted for. The excuses for the pause range from “it didn’t occur!!!!!!” to “nature is masking the manmade warming.” Funny how the warming can never be from nature, wouldn’t you say?

I certainly was a Warmist back in 1991. I was a believer that the warming was mostly/solely caused by Mankind as recent as 2004. However, at that point, I was able to use the power of the Internet to see other data, other rationales, other hypotheses, and rebuttals to the Cult Of Climastrology. I was no longer living on the spoonfuls of leftist propaganda from limited outlets. And I was able to see that this whole thing has little to do with nature and just about everything to do with enacting Progressive (nice fascist) big centralized government policies of control and taxation.

So, yeah, maybe Shell knew in 1991. Research brings about new views.

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2 Responses to “Shell Totally Knew About Climate Change In 1991 Or Something”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Teach is passing along disinformation.

    The Roy Spencer/ Jon Christy graph is fatally flawed as 1) they cherry picked the baseline 2) ignored all surface data.

    Recall too, this pair was caught “mistakenly” miscalculating the UAH satellite data early on.

    Teach typed:

    other hypotheses

    What proposed alternative hypothesis did you find most persuasive? LOL

    • drowningpuppies says:

      If you say so, little guy.

      I suppose Mikey Mann’s ‘Hockey Stick’ graph was flawless.

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