Christians Urged To Pray On Climate Change (Using Shoddy “Science”)

Instead of praying, they should try practicing what they preach and make their own lives carbon neutral by giving up the use of fossil fuels, air conditioners, ice makers, hair dryers, washing machines, etc and so on

Christians urged to pray about climate change during Lent

Christians in seven countries are being urged to pray during Lent for families at risk from climate change.

It’s hoped tens of thousands of believers will also call on governments to uphold their pledges on carbon emissions, to help prevent devastating consequences such as rising sea levels and food shortages.

Tearfund is supporting the Renew our World initiative.

Its Advocacy director Paul Cook told Premier he’s seen first hand the damage it can do.

Here’s the handy dandy photo used

This is a photo, taken by John Giles. It has appeared numerous times, such as this Guardian article. You can find it all over the Internet as a sign of ‘climate change’ doom.

But, see, there’s a wee bit of a problem: the photo is doctored. It’s of the Eggborough power plant in England. Every photo of the plant that is not doctored shows white, or mostly white, steam coming from all the stacks. If it was coming out like in the photo, you can bet authorities would be all over it in a heartbeat.

Anyway, these Warmists can pray all they want over an issue that is about as fake as that photo.

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8 Responses to “Christians Urged To Pray On Climate Change (Using Shoddy “Science”)”

  1. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    So it’s fake news and a fake photo asking Christians to pray for the cult of voodoo science.

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  3. Jeffery says:

    Teach would never post a photoshopped picture.

    Praying will have the same effect on climate change as not praying.

  4. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Praying will have the same effect on climate change as not praying.

    So will Kyoto.

  5. […] I showed you how a story on Christian Warmists praying about ‘climate change’ for Lent used a doctored photo. […]

  6. Thanks for posting this. People are influenced by pictures, and in this day of Photoshop, often unaware of the retouch job — garish as this one is. I’d love to see some studies about the extent to which we are more influenced by pictures than words. A lot of us have written volumes on the climate change case, and I don’t know if we are getting anywhere at all. The recent announcement from CERN establishing that variations in the Sun’s energy control climate and CO2 has nothing to do with climate – I haven’t seen repeated elsewhere. Too much fake news out there.