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Dakota Access Protest: Nothing Says “We Love The Environment” Like Burning Things And Leaving Garbage

Then there’s the whole “protest peaceably” thing (via John Sexton) (AP) The last people remaining at a Dakota Access pipeline protest camp prayed and set fire to a handful of wooden structures on Wednesday, hours ahead of a deadline set by the Army Corps of Engineers to close the camp. Some of the praying protesters […]

If All You See…

…is a field drying out from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Chicks On The Right, with a post on a crazy idea called “labia lipstick.”

Forget The Permanent Drought, The Permanent Flood Will Cause More Orovilles

No, really Remember when we told you CO2 causes not enough rain in CA? We meant CO2 causes too much rain in CA. #ClimateScam https://t.co/nUD9rC4Q8T — Tom Nelson (@TomANelson) February 21, 2017 Leading to this UK Guardian screed Expect to see more emergencies like Oroville Dam in a hotter world Scientists predicted decades ago that […]

Surprise: Climate Models Vastly Overstate Actual Warming

Climate models have long been shown to be garbage. Among the many studies of varying degrees, one of the best was the most poignant was when Dr. Roy Spencer showed that 95% of the models were wrong. And then we have this Climate Models Are Warming Earth Two Times Faster Than Reality Climate models show twice […]

Good News: Coming Deportation Orders Allow Far More Deportations

That “good news” is not snarky in the least: the government deporting more people who are unlawfully present in the country is most certainly a good thing. Unless you are a liberal who supports people breaking the law unreservedly (NY Times) President Trump has directed his administration to enforce the nation’s immigration laws more aggressively, […]

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