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If All You See…

…is horrible carbon pollution created heat snow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is MOTUS AD, with a post on the vexing of Snowflakes.

Say, If Anthropogenic Global Warming Is Real, Why Do Scientists Keep Cheating?

Periodically, I like to make sure we are talking about the correct thing and on the same page. Climate change is real. Global warming is real. There has been warming since the mid-1800’s. The question as posed by most Skeptics is not on whether there has been warming, it is on the causation. Warmists say […]

Illegal Alien Felon Arrested In Phoenix, Liberals Go Apoplectic

If you’re here illegally, you shouldn’t be here. If you’re here illegally, and you’ve committed any crime, especially a felony, you definitely shouldn’t be here. This LA Times headline says it all: illegally Longtime Phoenix resident in U.S. illegally detained in early display of Trump executive order’s reach A Phoenix woman in the country illegally […]

Dhimmitude: NY Times Doesn’t Want The Muslim Brotherhood Designated A Terrorist Organization

Why? They apparently feel that this would be blaming all of Islam or something, and Liberals seem to get very upset when anyone notes that certain portions of Islam are extremists All of Islam Isn’t the Enemy Is President Trump trying to make enemies of the entire Muslim world? That could well happen if he […]

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