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If All You See…

…is evil leather that comes from evil moo cows that cause the Earth to boil, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Gay Patriot, with a post noting that “Nazi” is the new “racist”.

Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ Will Kill The Groundhog Day Groundhog Or Something

Well, now, this is interesting: a superstition will kill off another superstition. Of course, the latter is just a fun one. The prior is one that will raise taxes, raise the cost of living, harm the poor and middle class with all the job killing regulations, and make people more dependent and under the thumb […]

French Soldiers Stop Another Machete Wielding, Allahu Akbar Shouting Attacker

French and German politicians are offering up prayers that the attacker is not a “refugee”, as are all the American Democrats screeching about Trump’s “Muslim ban” (Fox News) A group of four French soldiers were attacked Friday inside a shopping mall beneath the Louvre Museum in Paris by a machete-wielding man shouting “Allahu akbar,” authorities […]

With Trump Win, States Push More 2nd Amendment Rights

In reality, this is nothing new. As state governments across the country saw more and more Republicans assuming control, much like we saw the devastation in the federal Congress of the Democratic party during the Obama years, they looked to enable citizens to uphold their 2nd Amendment rights (The Hill) President Donald Trump’s election has […]

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