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CBC Warmists Rather Shocked That Farmers Aren’t Thrilled By The Carbon Tax

Now, if you enacted a carbon tax that was going to expressly and negatively impact the operations, revenue, and profits of the news media, such as, say, the uber-Leftist Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, do you think they’d continue to Believe this claptrap about anthropogenic climate change, or would they just caterwaul that they should be exempt? […]

If All You See…

…are wonderful trees sucking man’s carbon pollution down from the sky, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Bookworm Room, with a post on Trump’s promise to shrink government and what it means.

Pause Excuse #Lots: Trees Held Their Breath

This is a new one on the list of Great Pause Excuses* Forests ‘Held Their Breath’ During Global Warming Pause Forests around the world, widely deemed the lungs of the planet, “held their breath” during the most recent episode of a so-called climate change hiatus, a new study has revealed. The findings are considered significant […]

Rand Paul Introduces His Ocare Replacement Plan

Republicans are starting to release their plans to replace the deplorable Obamacare. Senators Bill Cassidy and Susan Collins introduced a very squishy plan. We’re awaiting plans from Paul Ryan and President Trump. And there were plenty bandied about during the Obama years. Which will win out? (Yahoo Business) Sen. Rand Paul introduced the Obamacare Replacement […]

Washington Post: Trump’s Immigration Orders Are Against American Values Or Something

The Editorial Board of the Washington Post, each of whom are far removed from the problems caused by illegal immigration and loosely vetted “Syrian” refugees, living in posh homes well away from those issues, is a bit upset. What they truly mean is that Trump’s immigration is against Democratic Party values Trump’s politicized immigration acts […]

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