Rand Paul Introduces His Ocare Replacement Plan

Republicans are starting to release their plans to replace the deplorable Obamacare. Senators Bill Cassidy and Susan Collins introduced a very squishy plan. We’re awaiting plans from Paul Ryan and President Trump. And there were plenty bandied about during the Obama years. Which will win out?

(Yahoo Business) Sen. Rand Paul introduced the Obamacare Replacement Act on Wednesday.

The bill would remove parts of the Affordable Care Act, including the individual mandate and minimum standards for care. It would also provide a two-year window for people with preexisting conditions to sign up for care.

It also includes new provisions such as an expanded ability for insurers to sell plans in multiple states and a $5,000 tax credit that people can put toward a health savings account.

The bill, named the Obamacare Replacement Act, would eliminate several provisions of the ACA, including the individual mandate and minimums on coverage standards. The bill’s fact sheet doesn’t mention any provision to allow parents to keep a child on their insurance until they turn 26.

For all the humor at kids staying on their parents insurance that late, it’s actually a good way to keep the young and healthy in the insurance pools.

Interestingly, Paul’s plan would provide a two-year window for people with preexisting conditions to sign up for care. It would then revert to pre-ACA rules in which people with preexisting conditions could still get coverage in the group market. It’s unclear what would happen to people with preexisting conditions in the individual market after the two-year open-enrollment period.

Well, if they have preexisting conditions, one would think that they would sign up. One thing that seems to be missing from most plans is the notion of not being kicked off plans for getting sick. It’s a little different from getting kicked off your auto insurance plan because you’re a terrible driver.

Additionally, the bill would provide every American a tax credit worth up to $5,000 for contributions to a health savings account to put toward health insurance and other healthcare costs.

“Getting government out of the American people’s way and putting them back in charge of their own healthcare decisions will deliver a strong, efficient system that doesn’t force them to empty out their pockets to cover their medical bills,” Paul, who is also an ophthalmologist, said in a press release announcing the bill.

And that’s the whole point.

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3 Responses to “Rand Paul Introduces His Ocare Replacement Plan”

  1. Liam Thomas says:

    It just boggles the mind at the rights ideas of health care.

    How they believe this nonsense will keep hospitals from gouging prices….or insurance companies from continually causing healthcare premiums to escalate to cover the gouging by hospitals and doctors is beyond me.

    Why do they think selling insurance over state lines is gonna create competition?

    automobile insurance, life insurance is sold over state lines and what do they use in terms of deciding prices……….certainly not COMPETITION….they use a table of statistics and if so and so insurance wants to sell you a life policy for 5 dollars less a month so be it….each company has to explain to their board why they are not making money.

    Health savings account as a credit by the government is simply a tricky way of saying the government is not involved in YOUR health care when in fact it IS.

  2. Liam Thomas says:

    Two years of preexisting coverage and then what?

    What about the people that are 15 now….by the time they turn 27 with cancer or diabetes….or whatever…then what?

    This is again nothing more then a dumb fuck politician kicking the can down the road with a piece of shit legislation….

    Its incredible to me that people vote people like this into office.

  3. Liam Thomas says:

    YOu have to understand where Im coming from…

    I just paid 41,000 dollars of my own money for rotator cuff surgery because my insurance company had me in therapy and pain meds for over 2 years…..rather then pay for my surgery because quite honestly they were waiting for me to retire and go on medicare so they didnt have to pay.

    I just saw the neurologist with my daughter….I actually flew to her home state to go with her to see her doctor…..

    After an hour in which the doctor was more interested in going on to her next patient she finally said well I will get with doctor so and so and together we will determine who you should see next….It will most likely take months to get this going……..

    but in the mean time we have this lidacaine (sp) drip that we can insert into a nerve bundle in your sinus cavity to help with the pain…..

    the good news is that it should help a lot with the pain and works 2-4 weeks…..the bad news is your insurance wont pay….but if you’ll kindly part with 549.00 every two-four weeks we can keep you relatively pain free for the next 6-8 months until we can finally decide what to do.

    This is a cadillac health plan by a major corporation……but by the standards set 10-20 years ago this plan is a joke…..

    Health care has become a joke in this country as every insurer and hospital and doctor is scrambling to earn a buck and save two bucks……..

    In the meantime the patients are the ones who suffer……..Yeah perhaps there are some plans out there not giving you the run around….but from my experience….I havent seen one.

    The only persons I have seen that actually get treated are medicare patients…..My sister on Medicare has stage 4 lung cancer….Medicare jumped right on that and didnt blink at any of her costs…..

    If that was me I would be dead by now with my corporate health care policy.

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