CBC Warmists Rather Shocked That Farmers Aren’t Thrilled By The Carbon Tax

Now, if you enacted a carbon tax that was going to expressly and negatively impact the operations, revenue, and profits of the news media, such as, say, the uber-Leftist Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, do you think they’d continue to Believe this claptrap about anthropogenic climate change, or would they just caterwaul that they should be exempt?

Understanding why Alberta farmers loathe the carbon tax

They are the stewards of the land, the so-called first environmentalists, and they rely heavily on the weather and predictable climate to grow food to put on your plate.

That’s why it’s somewhat surprising that Alberta farmers are resoundingly opposed to the key government policy to help the environment and meet climate change goals — a carbon tax.

The vast majority of scientists say human-caused climate change is dangerous for the planet and economists say a carbon tax is an effective tool to address the issue, but farmers aren’t buying it.

That’s because they live in the real world where they have to deal with a profit/loss sheet.

That includes Cherylynn Bos, who gives her goats a rub under their necks while thinking about how her farm could be any more energy efficient. (snip)

Bos is upset about the financial impact Alberta’s new carbon tax will have on her farm, which produces cheeses that are sold in five provinces.

“In the end, that is going to translate into an increase for the customer on the food that they purchase,” she says, giving examples such as increased trucking costs for bringing supplies to the farm and moving products to stores.

Higher costs? The hell you say!

Organic farmers like Tim Hoven are also upset about the tax, which is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. He figures he’ll have to pay another $1,000 a year in natural gas just to heat his buildings.

You get the point. They should apply all these taxes specifically to elected politicians and the others pushing this stuff.

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One Response to “CBC Warmists Rather Shocked That Farmers Aren’t Thrilled By The Carbon Tax”

  1. Jeffery says:

    They should be glad they don’t live in the US where the president plans a 20% tax on imports. That’s about a $500 BILLION increase in what Americans spend on goods each year! That’s well over $1000 a year for every man, woman and child in the US.

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