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Trump Releases Pro-Growth Plan

Here’s the question: do you you believe he would attempt to do what’s in the plan? For all the things that I might give him grief over, the man does know how the private business sector works. And, no, he’s not perfect. ​FACT SHEET: DONALD J. TRUMP’S PRO-GROWTH ECONOMIC POLICY WILL CREATE 25 MILLION JOBS […]

If All You See…

…is a world turned to desert from carbon pollution from Other People, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Neo-neocon, with a post on parking stickers and invisible handicaps.

Good News For Warmists: Americans Are Willing To Pay $1 A Month More To Solve ‘Climate Change’

That’s about as good as it gets, though (you can see the poll overhead here. There are many links, the one with topline results has the full metrics) (Newsmax-AP) Most Americans are willing to pay a little more each month to fight global warming — but only a tiny bit, according to a new poll. […]

Climate Weenies Want A Secretary Of Climate Change

Alternate headline: people who use vast amounts of fossil fuels want issue that no one really cares about to be made cabinet level (Daily Caller) National security insiders and environmentalists believe the next U.S. president must create a new cabinet position to confront so-called man made global warming. An environmentalist think tank and former members […]

Powell Email Hack: Hillary Can Barely Walk Stairs

There are quite a few revelations from the email hack that hit Colin Powell, some ugly for Trump, some ugly for Hillary. Here’s an interesting one (Mediaite) In a leaked email, Democratic megadonor Jeffrey Leeds said that a Democratic senator had told him Hillary Clinton had difficulty even climbing a podium when they did a […]

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