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California Approves Cow Fart Regulations Or Something

As Steven Hayward at Powerline notes, this is a headline he never thought he’d see. I have to disagree: this is the Cult of Climastrology we’re talking about, after all Cow Fart Regulations Approved By California’s Legislature SACRAMENTO (AP) — California’s Legislature has approved regulations on cow flatulence and manure – both blamed for releasing […]

If All You See…

…is an ocean that will rise up and swamp the areas that Dear Hillary campaigns in, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Hot Air Pundit, with a post on Hillary having another big coughing fit.

Very Pale Black Lives Matter Storms London Airport Runway, Invokes Climate Change

Nothing says “please hear our message and commiserate” like causing a lot of people problems (UK Daily Mail) London City Airport was brought to a standstill by Black Lives Matter demonstrators who stormed the runway early this morning to protest against the UK’s ‘racist climate crisis’. The mayhem began at 5.40am when nine protesters chained […]

What’s The Problem With Questioning Hillary’s Health?

At the Washington Times, Wesley Pruden asks a fundamental question: why can’t we The People, the voters, demand candidates answer questions? When questions were raised about Barack Obama’s birth, and whether he was actually eligible to be president of the United States, he brushed the questions aside as if answering them was beneath the dignity […]

If You Think Hillary’s Not Honest, Well, You’re A Sexxxxxist

Much like raaaaacism, sexxxxxism can only be spelled with 5 x’s On honesty issues, Hillary Clinton fights own missteps, gender stereotypes Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign may be a case study in the kind of missteps that can be particularly punishing for U.S. political candidates who are women. Wait, did writer Heidi M Przybyla, and by […]

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