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Scott’s Wife Sort Of Provides Video Of Charlotte Shooting

Something is missing, though (NY Times)  A cellphone camera video made by the wife of Keith L. Scott before he was fatally shot by police here shows the moments before and after the incident, including the wife’s pleas to her husband to get out of his truck, and her pleas to the police not to […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful low carbon sailboat trekking the vast-less carbon pollution raised seas of the future, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Astute Bloggers, with a post on Trump supporting Internet freedom.

Big Carbon Footprint Obama Forces Intelligence Agencies To Study ‘Climate Change’

Seriously, none of these agencies tasked with keeping America safe have anything better to do (The Hill)  President Obama is asking 20 federal offices to work together on a national security strategy to address climate change. Obama signed a directive on Wednesday telling the offices to develop a “federal climate and national security working group” […]

The Numbers On Hotcoldwetdry Are Scarier Than We Thought Or Something

The always unhinged Bill McKibben, who uses vast amounts of fossil fuels to travel the globe and attend anti-fossil fuels demonstrations is out with a new unhinged pronouncement Recalculating the Climate Math The numbers on global warming are even scarier than we thought. The future of humanity depends on math. And the numbers in a […]

Irony: Democratic Women Of NC Cancel Charlotte Meeting

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned in all the unrest in Charlotte is that it is very much a very Democratic Party run city. Let’s not forget that it was Charlotte’s passage of a bill demanding all private entities allow the gender confused to use whichever bathroom, shower, and changing room they want that caused […]

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