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Bad News: There’s No Climate Change Impact In Port Angeles, But, Total Doom In The Future

This is what goes for science in the Cult of Climastrology Weather expert: Little climate change effect on Peninsula — so far University of Washington professor Cliff Mass predicts the state will warm by 3 to 8 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100. Climate change has had little effect so far on the North Olympic Peninsula, a […]

If All You See…

…is a world that will see palm trees growing in Australia due to so much heat, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Last Tradition, with a post on Trump going to Louisiana while Obama vacations and Hillary sleeps.

Warmist Karen Heller Doesn’t Need AC Nor Do You

My first thought on this is that she should spread awareness at the Washington Post and advocate, nay, demand that the WP do away with their AC at their corporate building. My second thought is that I’m amused that this sciencey missive is in the Lifestyle section. My third is “bugger off, you annoying little […]

Did Donald Trump Finally Pivot, And, Is It Too Late?

Donald Trump has actually been making some fantastic speeches over the past week, ones that stay away from the typical over-the-top rhetoric and wackiness we’d been seeing previously. This should be obvious by the limited coverage his speeches are garnering from the Credentialed Media. Wouldn’t want to see Trump in a good light, right? Maybe […]

Krugman: Obamacare’s Doing Great, But, Say, What About A Public Option?

Excitable Paul Krugman has decided to chime on on Aetna mostly pulling out of the Obamacare exchanges, something many other health insurance providers have done, which is just a bump in the road, you know. So much so that we should institute government run insurance (NY Times) More than two and a half years have […]

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