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Surprise: Most “Refugees” In Europe Are Not Women And Children

Well, gee, color me shocked (Daily Caller)  Pew’s research shows that four out of 10 refugees in Europe are young men, aged 18 to 34. Approximately three-fourths (73 percent) of refugees entering Europe in total were male, while 53 percent of all refugees were young adults between the ages of 18 and 34. Individuals hailing from war-torn […]

If All You See…

…is a waterpark which has a big carbon footprint, and no one should be allowed to go to one, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Other McCain, with a post saying that yes, Hillary is the devil.

Semi-retired President With Massive Carbon Footprint Forces All Federal Agencies To Consider ‘Climate Change

I suggest that the White House reduce their carbon footprint to zero. Not through carbon offsets, but by giving up all use of electricity that doesn’t come from solar and wind. Stop using fossil fueled vehicles. Only eat locally grown food. Handwash clothes. And a raft of other measures. Of course, they won’t. Obama has […]

Suddenly, ‘Climate Change’ Groups Are Against A Revenue Neutral Carbon Tax

For several years now, many ‘climate change’ groups and individuals have been calling for revenue neutral carbon taxes, whereby citizens are reimbursed to cover the cost of living increases caused by the carbon taxes – you know, that cost if living increase which they said wouldn’t happen due to carbon taxes. Such big wig members […]

Black Lives Matter Releases Six Demands

Much like with Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter has gone well beyond its original meaning, an is now delving into all sorts of other interests (NY Times)More than 60 organizations associated with the Black Lives Matter movement have released a series of demands on Monday, including for reparations. The list of six platform demands […]

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