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Surprise: Sea Level Rise Is Pretty Much On The Low Side Of Holocene Warm Periods

I’ve noted innumerable times that the average sea rise over the last 7,000-8,000 years, a period used as it came after the big melt from the end of the last glacial age, is 6-8 inches per century. During a warm period, one would expect at least double that, as the cool periods last longer and […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful carbon friendly boat needed when the world floods, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is American Power, with a post on strange pool colors.

Hmm: DOJ Accuses Democratic Party Run City Police Dept Of Civil Rights Violations

Why does it seem that this kind of stuff happens in Democratic Party run cities so often? (Baltimore Sun) Baltimore police routinely violated the constitutional rights of residents by conducting unlawful stops and using excessive force, according to the findings of a long-anticipated Justice Department probe to be released Wednesday. The practices overwhelmingly affected the […]

Majority Of Americans Support 1st Amendment, Are Against Prosecuting Climate Skeptics

This also gives us a good idea as to what percent approve of using the government to prosecute Wrongthink Phew… only 15% of US voters polled want the government to persecute climate skeptics. https://t.co/5TFZeXGviK via @sharethis — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) August 9, 2016 (Rasmussen) Attorneys general in 15 states are attempting to prosecute corporations and […]

Liberals Apoplectic Over Donald Trump 2nd Amendment Comment

So, Donald Trump, surprisingly, said something very inarticulately. I know, you’re shocked that someone off teleprompter could say something poorly. Funny, the media never made a big deal out of some guy saying “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun”, in which the full quote is even more violence laden “If […]

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