Surprise: Sea Level Rise Is Pretty Much On The Low Side Of Holocene Warm Periods

I’ve noted innumerable times that the average sea rise over the last 7,000-8,000 years, a period used as it came after the big melt from the end of the last glacial age, is 6-8 inches per century. During a warm period, one would expect at least double that, as the cool periods last longer and can even have negative sea rise. In fact, sea rise during the 20th Century was exactly average, at 7 inches. And here’s the Washington Post’s resident climahysteric, Chris Mooney

Seas aren’t just rising, scientists say — it’s worse than that. They’re speeding up.

On a warming Earth, seas inevitably rise, as ice on land melts and makes its way to the ocean. And not only that — the ocean itself swells, because warm water expands. We already know this is happening — according to NASA, seas are currently rising at a rate of 3.5 millimeters per year, which converts to about 1.4 inches per decade.

So, the lower end of expectations. But, you know, doom

However, scientists have long expected that the story should be even worse than this. Predictions suggest that seas should not only rise, but that the rise should accelerate, meaning that the annual rate of rise should itself increase over time. That’s because the great ice sheets, Greenland and Antarctica, should lose more and more mass, and the heat in the ocean should also increase.

Yes, if it was a normal warm period, we should expect more than 1.4 inches per decade. Of course, the predictions are coming from computer models. Then it gets cute

This record actually shows a decrease in the rate of sea level rise from the first decade measured by satellites (1993 to 2002) to the second one (2003 to 2012). “We’ve been looking at the altimeter records and scratching our heads, and saying, ‘why aren’t we seeing an acceleration in the satellite record?’ We should be,” said John Fasullo, a climate scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado.

So, they went and found an excuse for what is just a mostly natural event, in order to Blame Mankind

In a new study in the open-access journal Scientific Reports, however, Fasullo and two colleagues say they have now resolved this problem. It turns out, they say, that sea level rise was artificially masked in the satellite record by the fact that one year before the satellite launched, the Earth experienced a major cooling pulse.

That came from the explosion of the volcano, Mt. Pinatubo. So, a natural event can cause a climatic change, but, nature can’t cause warming. And Warmists have to find excuses to continue propping up their cult.


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9 Responses to “Surprise: Sea Level Rise Is Pretty Much On The Low Side Of Holocene Warm Periods”

  1. Liam Thomas says:

    What is comical is that all of the countries involved have 100 years to build sea walls like Holland to keep the water at bay.

    100 years.

    But no they want other people to build them and pay for them for them.

    Its sad. Even entire countries have become lazy in the era of industrialization. I see it in my travels….you get people to work for you and they easily turn an 18 month project into three years…..we have to start planning double and even triple what the same project would run in the USA or Canada.

  2. john says:

    Teach don’t you remember high school calculus ?
    The rate is constantly increasing. You are doing your figuring at a constant rate.
    Also that is the AVERAGE increase
    Just as the increase in temps in the Arctic is 400% of the average (minuscule) increase
    while in the Southern Hemisphere which is mostly water the increase is much less

  3. john says:

    ahhh Liam a lot of countries that have that problem aren’t as developed as the Netherlands was 100 years age
    Perhaps you might consider going there as a volunteer and assisting them
    lotsa hot young women there also that would be soooo grateful for your assistance in their survival

  4. john says:

    “nature can not cause warming”
    ahhhh about that Teach… is that really what you meant to say ? That the current global warming is not natural but being caused by man ?

  5. Jeffery says:

    a natural event can cause a climatic change,

    That’s true! Large volcanic eruptions are a good example.

    but, nature can’t cause warming.

    That’s just untrue. Nature CAN cause warming! What natural process is causing the Earth to warm rapidly the past 100 years or so?

  6. Liam Thomas says:

    Perhaps you might consider going there as a volunteer and assisting them
    lotsa hot young women there also that would be soooo grateful for your assistance in their survival

    Your the one so concerned for them JOHN….why ARENT YOU THERE? Ive been overseas for nigh on to 35 years now working in these countries helping them get stuff built….


  7. Liam Thomas says:


    The U.S. Air Force is struggling to fill a shortage of 700 fighter pilots by the end of the year, even as the U.S. battles in three air wars against ISIS in Iraq, Syria and Libya.

    Airmen also said in addition to the pilot shortage, they are 4,000 mechanics short as well.

    If thats not enough:

    Shorthanded crews are now forced to scrounge for spare parts in museums and the “boneyard,” a graveyard of planes in the Arizona desert to fix their planes because the parts are not made anymore.

    Its obvious that we will not have a military left after 8 years of progresive Clinton whom we all know Progressives DESPISE THE MILITARY……

    So with the raping our military has received Im sure that all those pilots and mechanics can go overseas and build sea walls for those poor countries.

  8. Jeffery says:

    So there are not enough pilots and mechanics to fill available federal jobs? Economics 101 is very clear on the solution. Increase the pay to attract the skilled workers needed.

    all those pilots and mechanics can go overseas and build sea walls

    You just claimed there was a shortage of federal pilots and mechanics. Will private employers send their pilots and mechanics overseas to build seawalls?

    Try again.

  9. Genericviews says:

    1. You know… The USA has had coastal cities for more than 200 years. Those coastal cities have man made structures like piers and levies anchored in bedrock. The heights of them with respect to the average water levels are not some mystery that is unknowable. We have conclusive data to show that the sea levels are NOT rising anywhere. What we have seen is a few regional places where the land is sinking, because of building on swamps. (New Orleans)

    2. We take airplane parts from the boneyard because that’s why we have a boneyard. It’s a salvage yard, not a museum. Feature, not bug.