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Hotcoldwetdry Causing Clouds To Shift Towards The Poles Or Something

Obviously, the only cause of this must be Mankind’s carbon pollution output. And it’s totally ominous Global Cloud Coverage Shifting in Ominous Sign of Climate Change When politicians talk of climate “uncertainty,” they’re often casting doubt on things that are well understood: Warming is happening, and humans are responsible. When scientists talk about climate uncertainty, […]

If All You See…

…is a fossil fueled vehicle that will cause forests to disappear, you might just be a Warmist The blog of day is The Other McCain, with a post on the new SJW “Ghostbusters” movie.

Thank Goodness, We Now Know How To Properly Indoctrinate Kids On ‘Climate Change’

This is so they aren’t turned into terrified emotional wrecks How to Teach Climate Change Without Terrifying Your Students After a year in Bertha Vasquez’s class at George Washington Carver Middle School, 13-year-old Penny Richards says she reads climate news while she rides the bus to school. Richards and 20-odd seventh graders sit transfixed as […]

Common Dreams Blames Dallas Police For Dallas Police Being Shot And Killed

You just had to know that far left nutjobs would blame the police. But, really, one has to wonder how widespread this thought is amongst lefties/Progressives Dallas Police Shooting: Blowback from Impunity and Structural Racism Five police officers in Dallas are dead after a shooting, which took place toward the end of a peaceful demonstration […]

A Brutal Preference Poll For Trump

Things like this are rather ominous, but not unexpected with this candidate PEW: White women with college degrees (%): McCain -3Romney -1Trump -31https://t.co/C9JUZttiXy pic.twitter.com/mwyiJSkUYr — Adrian Gray (@adrian_gray) July 10, 2016 While Trump has done better in a few metrics, many of them are very bad Men Overall McCain D+1 Romney R+10 Trump R+6 Women […]

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