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Post-Dallas, We Need To Ban Evil Assault Rifles

Yeah, about the meme… As the nation begins to wrap its head around what happened in Dallas, Texas last night during a protest against police shootings, certain factions are already shifting blame from the suspect in the case to the firearms used. (Snip) However, the rifle used by the suspect in the Dallas murders wasn’t […]

If All You See…

…is an evil big carbon footprint burger, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Virtual Mirage, with a post on what would it take to provoke a TEXIT.

Thank Goodness, We Now Have A ‘Climate Change’ Ballet

We’re saved! GLACIER: A Climate Change Ballet (review) Accessible and timely are not necessarily the first words that come to mind when someone mentions the word “ballet,” but GLACIER: A Climate Change Ballet is both these things. Glacier is the perfect introduction to modern ballet for the uninitiated and even the disinterested. With a running […]

Good News: Defense Lawyers Plan To Use The “Clinton Defense”

Perhaps it would be better to call it the “Comey Defense”, since it was FBI Director James Comey who decided, after spending lots of time laying out a criminal case against Hillary, that he wouldn’t bother recommending an indictment FBI Director James Comey’s Hillary Clinton email recommendation gives lawyers a new line of defense The […]

Unsurprisingly, Obama, Democrats Use Dallas To Push “Gun Control”

They just can’t help themselves, and want the same type of gun control Democrats have enabled in peaceful places like Chicago, D.C., Baltimore, and California (Fox News) President Obama renewed his push for gun control measures Friday as he condemned the “senseless murders” of five Dallas police officers in a coordinated sniper attack overnight. (snip) […]

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