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Surprise: Ontario Tries To Bury Cost Of ‘Climate Change’ Policy

The cost of the Cult of Climastrology’s policies have real world implications for consumers. They just don’t want you to know about it (Financial Post) Ontario consumers won’t see a separate line item on their electricity bills showing the cost of the Liberal government’s cap-and-trade plan to fight climate change. The Ontario Energy Board has […]

If All You See…

…is an evil plastic water bottle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Wizbang, with a post telling Ann Coulter to go away.

Say, Can Climate Action Woo Suburban Voters?

Once again, climate change tends to come in last or next to last on lists of things that concern Americans. Somehow, Democrats think that pushing climate change will woo suburban voters (Grist) Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts, one of the leading climate hawks in Congress, thinks climate change can be a potent political issue this […]

Breitbart: It’s Time For Conservatives To Back Trump Because He Will Implement Conservatism

Breitbart’s Scott Pinsker takes a swing at attempting to woo those Conservatives who do not support Trump in one form or fashion, starting out with What’s more important: Conservative beliefs or conservative outcomes? The two are not the same. In American politics, the relationship between beliefs and outcomes isn’t necessarily causal, and for generations, this […]

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