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Hillary Says People Under FBI Scrutiny Shouldn’t Be Able To Buy A Gun

I suggest that people under FBI scrutiny shouldn’t be allowed to have security which carries firearms, because they are like totally a big danger to everyone (ABC News) In her first rally since becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton blasted regulations that allowed a lone gunman to purchase weapons that he used to kill […]

If All You See…

…is evil ice cream coming from evil greenhouse gas producing cows, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Datechguy’s Blog, with a post on some horrible and perhaps insulting questions on the Pulse terror attack.

The Gun Banners Are (Again) Out In Full Force

I mentioned this a bit in an earlier post, but that was more a case of the typical “Blame The Gun” duckspeak, often coming from people who are they themselves protected by either carrying a gun themselves or having armed security protecting them. But, now the gun banners are starting to chime in at full […]

Study: Democrats Are Rather Clueless On Climate Change

It’s a shock Shock: "Democrats who took her survey didn’t know as much about climate science as the Republicans did" https://t.co/KE6bHue6I1 — Tom Nelson (@TomANelson) June 13, 2016 From the article A survey has found some interesting takeaways about Kentuckians’ attitudes toward climate change, including that the biggest influence on beliefs may be political affiliation […]

In Wake Of Orlando Shooting, Political Left Blames All But Radical Islam

What is it that keeps Democrats and Leftists around the world from placing blame where it belongs, namely, an ever growing segment of Islam that is extremist (which the counter jihad movement calls Islamists), with a smaller segment that is willing to perform violence in the name of their religion? They refuse to allow for […]

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